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Latest Trades on Forex, Cryptos & Commodities from the Pro-Trader System 

Dow 4,000 Points Profit – Big Trade

Dow – Pro-Trading System short signal for 4,000 points profit We got a short signal before the Coronaviris starting to hit the headlines. A nice 4,000 point profit.   Take the First Step Toward Your New Trading Career Lee is qualified at The Society of Technical...

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Palladium Continues to Next PTS Target

 Spot Palladium Chart   It feels like it was only yesterday when I gave a buy signal on IG Index TV in Palladium and now it's trading at 2725. The Pro-Trading System has done its job and kept us long for several Month. Next target is 2886. Take the First Step...

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Gold – Long Green PTS signal have been good

Gold – Long Green PTS signal have been good   1506 was our last long signal on the PTS and currently trading at 1581 so we are locking in these profits. The reason we are locking in these profits and trailing our stop order is because we have what we call a...

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Latest Blog Posts 

What is spread betting and how can I do it?

We talk about spread betting quite a bit here at Trading College, but if you’re new to trading you may ask “what is spread betting”? There are some great benefits to spread betting, and it can be a very profitable way of trading foreign exchange, commodities, stocks...

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The Pro-Trading System Trades March 2020

 Pro-Trading System Trades up to 2nd March In the P&L column on the right if it's a green number it's making that amount of pips (points). If it's red it's losing that amount. So, for example the top one is the AUDCAD and the PTS gave a short signal 16 days ago...

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How does psychology impact trading?

How does psychology impact trading? There are a number of factors that distinguish successful traders from the rest: experience on the markets, a tried and tested strategy, and an awareness of their own psyche. Developing the latter is not something that just happens...

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