Which Broker Shall I Use?

  • We believe in quality and security. Our 3 chosen brokers have been around for many years and provide a quality service.
  • Some brokers allow you to trade different instruments. If you are interested in trading shares, make sure your broker allows you to do so.
  • Before choosing a broker, ensure they are regulated with the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority). Click here for further information.
  • There is no such thing as easy money, when brokers offer succulent bonuses we get sceptical! Normally they have large terms and conditions, remember – they want you to trade with them to pay their commissions!
  • Finally make sure that the spread you get charged per trade is now expensive. You should look for spreads similar to this – Major Currency Pairs – 0.5 – 1.5 pips | Minor Currency Pairs – 1.5 – 4 pips | Shares – 10 pips/cents | Indices – 1 – 2 pips
  • Choosing your broker is a personal choice, our coaches use the IG brokerage as it allows them to trade Shares, Commodities, Forex and Indices with the same account and to use the ProReal Time charting software. If you are interested in using IG as your broker, simply click on one of the banners.


LMAX Exchange – FX trading

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Trading College customers are allowed to open an account with just £1,000 instead of the £10,000 requirement with LMAX

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