10 Reasons Why Being Part Of A Trading Community Will Improve Your Trading

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10 Reasons Why Being Part Of A Trading Community Will Improve Your Trading

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Published by Trading College in Beginner · Thursday 13 Jul 2023
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At Trading College we pride ourselves on the community that we’ve created through our online platforms and in-person events.

Being able to talk to like-minded students and experienced coaches at the click of a button, or over a cup of tea, is an invaluable tool that helps students to reach their full potential. We have all heard that being part of a trading community is important to trading success… but why?

Here are the top ten reasons being part of a trading community will improve your chances of becoming a profitable trader:

1. Trading Is For Everyone
Gone is the day when large banks and trading firms were the only ones with the tools and techniques to trade consistently and profitably.

Trading communities like the one at Trading College have made the possibility of giving up the day job to trade for a living accessible to people from all
walks of life.

2. Self-Sufficiency
At Trading College, we provide all the software, education and support you need to become a successful and consistent trader – all within our community. Everything needed to earn an income from the market, all in one place.

3. Bouncing Around Trade Ideas
Being part of a community surrounds you with a group of people who understand the trade setups that we are all looking for. By reaching out to the community to discuss our ideas we can check any potential biases in our decisions and improve our decisions going forward.

At Trading College, we regularly (almost daily, in fact) discuss possible trade ideas regularly in Monday Night Scan Club and our bubbling Live Chat Room sessions where there are the opportunities to bounce your trade ideas off fellow students and get guidance from our experienced team of Coaches.

4. Even More Ideas
Not only can you bounce your ideas off other people but crucially other people can bounce their ideas off of you.

It’s not possible for you alone to keep an eye on every single market out there and so being part of a trading community that shares their ideas gives you a thousand eyes on the markets and therefore brings your even more opportunities to make a profit from a chart you may have overlooked.

5. A Great Place To Learn
Our community at Trading College is made up of traders ranging widely in experience; from complete beginners to those already making a good living from trading the markets.

Surrounding yourself with people at different stages in their trading journey provides an outstanding environment to learn from the experiences and learned wisdom of our Trading Coaches and veteran students. This huge pool of knowledge, just waiting to be tapped, gives you infinite opportunities to learn from others who have walked the same path and makes us all more consistent, more informed & more profitable traders.

6. Fabulous Student Support
Learning to trade can often be a difficult and trying journey. In the beginning, the frustrations of losing a trade or having too much information to process can seem overwhelming.

Alongside our student support team, by surrounding yourself with a community of traders you give yourself an additional safety net of support to get you through these tricky times when you’re still learning at the beginning.

This makes your learning journey so much easier than attempting to travel solo and allows you to return to the charts stronger in the future.

7. A Nice Place To Go For A Chat
Trading can be boring, even when done successfully.

When the markets are boring we can so easily give in to the temptation of over-trading. When we feel a temptation like this tugging at our fingertips, our students can reach our to the community to distract us.

At Trading College, the Chat Room is always open for the community to interact – whether this is to discuss trade ideas or to share a joke.

8. Trading Communities Improve Your Discipline & Accountability
Sat on your own at the computer it can be easy to give in to emotions rather than logic. Knowing that you are accountable to the community of Coaches & students helps you to keep cool and remain focused on your decisions in the moment.

9. Keeps Loneliness At Bay
Your co-workers could seem annoying now and after a day full of dragged-out meetings you might bite my hand off if I offered you the chance to never see them again. However, trading can be quit an isolating job.

Being sat in front of the screen, all by ourselves, many of us do not have anyone in our close circle of family or friends who really understands
just what it is that we are doing. It can be difficult to talk to them about trading if they do not understand what it entails.

Being supported by a community of Coaches & students, who are only the click of a button away or down the other end of a mic, will help you push
through the difficult times as well as help to keep you motivated & sticking to your trading strategies.

10.Being Able To Ask Trading Questions
Having a group of like-minded, enthusiastic and experienced traders at your beck and call means that you’ll never have to have a question go unanswered.

Joining the Trading College community will mean that you are not alone on this journey – there is always someone to ask and more importantly, an experienced professional trader to quickly give you a reliable answer.

If you have any questions or are interested to find out more about what we do here at Trading College please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We have also created several online resources that can be accessed by anyone wanting to learn to trade, totally free of charge.

In our Learn to Trade On-Demand webinar, Trading College’s founder Lee Sandford takes you through the basics of learning to trade and the trading strategies that we use at Trading College. Click here to join.

Our free-to-access Beginners’ Forex Course provides a great overview and a solid introduction to trading the global currency markets to help traders take their first step towards making money through online trading. Over the 8 modules of the course, you will learn a good grasp of trading terminology, techniques, psychology and trading styles associated with trading forex pairs. Start the free Beginners’ Forex Course today.

Our free Trading Guide PDF is a booklet chocked to the brim with information about trading the financial markets, the various approaches to trading and how to get started in the world of online trading – available to you right now at the simple push of a button. Click here to download our free Trading Guide PDF.

Information on all the courses we have on offer can be found on our website or by arranging a quick callback from Chris, our Course Advisor. Arrange a call or have any of your trading questions answered by getting in touch here.

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