About Trading College

Trading College was founded by Lee Sandford. Following an 18 year career in professional football, Lee committed himself to mastering the markets. Like many beginners, the early years saw him attending a few courses – but this generated little more than frustration. So Lee read avidly and looked further afield. After an enlightening stint in the grains trading pits at the Chicago Board of Trade, he returned to the UK with new vigour. Lee has traded since 2003 and earns his living as a trader. His message to his students: “Become the master of your tools and you then have a chance of being a highly successful trader. If I can do it, you can do it”.

VISION To be the best company in the UK market-place for quality, price and customer service.

MISSION Our customers are at the heart of our business. Our mission is to constantly monitor and improve our services – and to create a dynamic and rewarding experience for all our students.

We value:

  • listening to customers
  • innovation
  • loyalty
  • integrity
  • honesty
  • fairness to all
  • leading the way
  • learning from our mistakes
  • challenging the norms
  • making a profit

To summarise, we are priced competitively and, importantly, all courses are taught by professional experienced traders. Trading College supports traders of all levels, offering group courses, support webinars and IT support. We also develop our own indicators and have our own chart package. As the trainers trade for a living themselves, they understand the real day-to-day challenges that our students face – and can address them.

Happy Trading!

Lee Sandford

Following an 18 year career in professional football, Lee has now traded for some 17 years (full time for 11 years) and earns his living predominantly as a trader. Lee established Trading College in response to demand from other traders wishing to observe him trading. Interrupted frequently with calls from people wishing to learn to trade, Lee started by helping friends (and soon friends of friends) to understand the basic principles of trading. The early demand was sufficient to require a group course, and these soon grew into the organisation as we know it today.

Learn more about Lee at his blog.


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Goals To Gold

Lee has also written a book on his journey from professional football to being a successful trader. Goals to Gold: Trading the football pitch for the financial markets”  tells the fascinating and unexpected story of one man’s journey from top-flight football to the cut-and-thrust world of the financial markets. This book also explores the relationship between sports and trading success – making it the perfect book for any sports fan who’s ever wondered whether they could make a go of it in the markets.

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