Learn to trade the markets with Trading College using the skills they teach on their day trading courses in London. You will learn the from real traders with years of trading experience.


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Whether you want to learn to trade FOREX, COMMODITIES, SPREADBETTING, STOCKS, EQUITIES or anything else - we can help.

Trading College attracts traders of all levels – beginners to advanced. We help people to realise their goal of mastering the money markets. Our services are designed to help all students to maximise their potential. We offer trading education courses, trading tools, home study, indicators and most importantly support and guidance.

We will support you every step of the way and guide you through the perils and excitement of trading. In essence Trading College is a community. We are committed to customer drive, meaning that all courses and services are designed from student feedback.

Why Learn To Trade With Us?

Our MD Lee Sandford speaks at Bloomberg, and at other major venues around the UK and overseas. His style is down-to-earth and straight talking. You’ll learn from genuine traders, who trade their own money on a daily basis. We’re so confident about our strategies and services that we publish our trading accounts regularly. You can see our track record for yourself.


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What Do Our Customers Say?
"I appreciate the honesty and openness of all involved. 9/10. I’ve really enjoyed the whole course. Lee makes the subject easy to understand and fun to learn"
"This is the best decision I ever made in my life"
"Risk comes from not knowing what you're doing"
- Warren Buffet

"I stayed for the Monday practical session which was great. Trying out real trading is scary at first, but a real must as it gives you a chance to make mistakes and learn from them. If you decide to repeat it’s free!"
"I have attended the Forex Course at Trading College. In October I increased my account size to £5000 and I've since made about £1000/week. Just paid a nice chunk off my mortgage and off to Spain next week on holiday"
"I took that CL trade this morning! It went 100 pips and I banked 60 pips, what a great move. Your trading room is amazing and great value and I am constantly learning and evolving as a trader."
"The online Forex course was like an 'awakening' - the realisation that strategies do work, and seeing the proof on screen - live - in real time. Very educational and impressive; especially as I achieved over 100 pips myself during the two days. Thanks to Lee's expertise and professionalism I feel I have taken a huge step forward in my knowledge and look forward to receiving the DVD."
"In May, I attended both the Master the Markets advanced swing trading course as well as the Online Master Forex course. As a relatively new trader, I was very impressed with Lee's knowledge and the huge amount of information conveyed on the courses. I have to honestly say that Lee is the "real deal", no BS or hype like many of the other companies who teach trading. Straight after the courses I put on 3 trades on the EURUSD and all of them were winners! Absolutely brilliant! Thanks Lee and thank you Tilly for all your support which I really appreciate."


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