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29th April 2017

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You've found it! An extensive online beginner's trading course, with tutor support designed for the best learning experience!


Learn To Trade Live

Want to learn face-to-face with our coaches? Learn To Trade Live is a one day event held across the UK suitable for Beginner to Intermediate Traders


Market Matrix

Understand the relationships between various markets and the drivers of price change within them in this short online courses


Ultimate Trading Programme - Pro-Trading System

Let our Pro-Trading System do the work for you and learn how to use all the features to your advantage on a structured course with weekly live lessons.


Trading College Group Mentorship

The quickest way to become successful at trading is with Trading College Group Mentorship - 6 and 12 month options.


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We offer a wide range of training courses, training and mentorships, suitable for a variety of experience and skills

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Wednesday 19th April 2017 1pm - 2pm (BST)

What You Need to Know If You Want To Start Trading

Are you considering trading the markets? Join us to discover what you need to know to get started!


Tuesday 25th April 2017 7:30pm - 8:30pm (BST)

How To Trade A Flag Pattern

Discover how to recognise and trade a flag pattern


Tuesday 9th May 2017 7:00pm - 8:00pm (BST)

Trading Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

We've all been beginner's once, and we've all made mistakes... Use our experience to avoid the most common trading mistakes!


Thursday 11th May 2017 1:00pm - 2:00pm (BST)

Should You Be Day Trading or Swing Trading?

Are you unsure if you should day or swing trade?  Let's work out what will suit your goals...

The Pro-Trading System course is the perfect way to take your trading to the next level once you have completed the beginners’ course and experienced some live trading. In just two days, you’ll learn how to trade like a professional and squeeze every last drop of profit out of your trades. Highly recommended.

Peter Bennett

The online Forex course was like an 'awakening' - the realisation that strategies do work, and seeing the proof on screen - live - in real time. Very educational and impressive; especially as I achieved over 100 pips myself during the two days. Thanks to Lee's expertise and professionalism I feel I have taken a huge step forward in my knowledge.


Thank you for Scan club it was great to listen to, I traded on information after checking charts, and did some more lunch time today after your Tuesday up date, the only mistake I made was cashing all but one in, so I locked in all profits, 249 pips thanks again

Ian Collins

Scan Club last night you talked about the double top in $/Yen. Saw it and nailed it!! Great call Lee; thanks

David Somerset

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