We all know that we should be eating more green leafy vegetables, but do we…  in practice? Kale smoothie, no thank you! What actually works in weight management? It’s difficult to know with so much information to grapple with.  Why do so many people sign up to The Keto Plan or Slimming World? Could it be that with the internet flooded with articles, information and mis-information that it’s the streamlining of the information, and being guided through a set programme that makes the difference.  Perhaps it’s the accountability. Perhaps its the community group that is the key to success.

Trading is exactly the same.  

I’d bet my boots that no-one ever mastered trading from YouTube videos.  The mis-information we see online is shocking. Bad habits are learned here and so much of what we do with new students, in the early days, is unpicking the lessons poorly learned.  In the world of trading, mis-information and lack of training can be costly.

Ingredients for trading success

So we know that 3 things make for success:

– quality education

– community for accountability

– a set programme designed by expert traders

I’d add a fourth one.  Limitations, too, are helpful for new traders.  To take on all the lessons at once might be overwhelming for some, and so that’s why a planned programme works.  Bite sized chunks.

Trading College Technical Analysts

At Trading College, we are Technical Analysts.  We teach trading courses for beginners, and we love what we do.  With Brexit on our heels, we sense a sharp rise in interest in trading the markets  Clearly, for anyone looking to top up their income or to work flexibly from home, trading is an obvious option to consider.  For many Brexit signals uncertainty, perhaps job uncertainty, perhaps risk of redundancy. Many people want to take their financial future into their own hands.  After all, house prices aren’t predicted to rise, and we’re not gaining large interest rates on savings in the bank either!

It’s tough to say it, but those likely to benefit from uncertainty in the markets are traders.  Traders love volatility in the markets. Big moves can create big profits – assuming you’re on the correct side of it.  So that’s why proper trader education is vital. The first step for anyone new to trading, is to grasp some of the language.  You need to talk like a trader.

3 ways for a trader to analyse the markets

In essence there are 3 ways to analyse the markets.  These are (1) Technical Analysis, (2) Analysis of Fundamentals & (3) Analysis of Sentiments.  

So what is technical analysis? And why is mastering it so critical for those seeking trading courses for beginners?

Whilst Fundamental Analysis looks to economics, or intrinsic value, to make trading decisions, and Sentiment Analysis looks to judge the mood of the markets, by comparison, Technical Analysis reads charts.  We say we ‘trade what’s in front of us’. Technical analysts look at price action on their charts to make buying and selling decisions. They are not concerned with current affairs or news, hearsay or opinion.  Equally, they are not concerned with fundamental factors. Technical analysts believe that any critical information is reflected as movements in the charts. Price trends, management of entry and exit points, break outs, divergence and patterns are very much part of the Technical Analyst’s vocabulary.     We’re using support and resistance as central tools. Our trading system gives us signals and we make decisions accordingly.

Technical analysis is your friend because in uncertain times, one thing is for sure.  The markets don’t care about politics, your background, your feelings, your wishes, your ambitions, nor do they care about what SHOULD happen.  After more than 10 years as a trader, I am certain that technical analysis gives traders the best chance at mastering the markets for opportunities to profit greatly.  Once you’ve mastered trading, it can be an income for life.

What next?

Lee is qualified at The Society of Technical Analysts, having passed his MSTA and CFTe with flying colours.  To see Lee and our coaches use technical analysis, you can access our Live Trading Room 5 days a week. If you’re looking to step into the world of online trading, we’d like to help. We offer both courses and mentoring opportunities to help you trade with skill and confidence. Come along to our free Learn to Trade Live one-day course to really get your foot in the door! See here for more details and to find a date near you.

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