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Trading Explosive Trades


If you’re a trader, you want to make big profitable trades. The reality is most traders don’t know when the market is just about to explode higher or to dramatically drop. Being in these trades and riding the wave is not only excellent for the trading account but it gives you that excited feeling.

If you are someone who never seems to be on these big profitable trades then this coaching webinar is all about how you can find them and the tools you’ll need to trade them. On this webinar you will learn

1. How to spot big trades setting up
2. How to get in on the trade before it explodes
3. When to get out of the trade at maximum profits
4. The indicators you need to trade big trades

Also, I’m going to show you one of my other favourite strategies called the 2 and 3 wave. I don’t remember losing a trade on the 3 wave but there is a secret way of trading the 3 wave strategy and I’m going to show you on this webinar.

So make sure you’re ready for 2019 and start the year with some big profits. Join me on this webinar


Date and time: Tuesday 18th December at 7.30pm