The Pro-Trading System (PTS) is proprietary software that is at the heart of Trading College’s trading education. The Pro-Trading System (PTS) was created in 2009 but has been developed and adapted over the years to keep it current and user-friendly.

The PTS has numerous advantages for both new and experienced traders.

Here are seven great reasons for using the PTS:


The Pro-Trading System is designed to be straightforward and easy to use. The system analyses and scans the markets in order to offer you the best entry and exit prices. All you need to do is choose whether to set up the trade or not. As well as showing you the best probabilities for profitable trades, the system helps you with your risk management by suggesting the optimum position size to suit your trading plan. As it does the majority of the hard work for you, the PTS is great tool to help you manage your trades.


One of the best features of the Pro-Trading System is its efficiency. The screener will scan the markets and let you know a trade setup in just 3 seconds, so the time you need to spend in front of the computer, physically trading, is dramatically reduced. Rather than spend hours looking at data and doing technical analysis, you can be a successful trader in as little as a few minutes each day! All you do is decide which of the suggested trades you want to take; the PTS does all the time-consuming work for you!


With multiple strategies included, the Pro-Trading System will give you several further options to get into a trade if you miss the initial entry point. You can also compound your existing position and build on the trade using different strategies. You have a huge amount of flexibility and choice when using the PTS to trade.  


Staying on the theme of flexibility, another great feature of the Pro-Trading System is that you can configure it to suit your trading style and needs. Although the system works “straight out of the box”, you can personalize it to fit your trading plan and risk appetite. You can adjust it to how aggressively you want to trade. Whatever your lifestyle or timetable, the PTS is adaptable to the particulars of your trading plan.


The PTS online course is designed to give you all the training you need to operate the PTS and make it work best for you. The PTS also gives students access to a brand new interactive training portal that enables you to fit your training programme to your schedule. You also will receive a pre-course technical support session and email tutor support. Continuing with the theme of great flexibility, you can tailor your learning schedule to your needs.   


These strategies are used by top traders that will help take your trading to the next level when you’re ready to get more ambitious.  


Statistically, the PTS gives you the very best chance to make profits. The probabilities for making the greatest profits are worked out for you. For example, traders who were using the PTS over the past couple of months will have been alerted to two good setups on the GBP/USD.  Over the course of around two months (March and April 2017), the PTS suggested trades that made 330 pips and 410 pips respectively. If you had taken those trades and placed £3 per pip on them, you would have made £2,220. That’s not bad for some additional income generated from a few minutes of work per day! If you were trying to trade without the PTS, you might have missed those setups. Your UTP training teaches you how to spot the trades most likely to run nicely, as identified by the PTS.


The inspiration behind the PTS was Lee Sandford’s desire to find a system that a) found him trades, b) saved him time, c) created profits and d) was easy to use. Allowing even a beginner with absolutely no trading experience to get into trading quickly and efficiently, the PTS certainly ticks all those boxes and more!

Ultimately, using the PTS gives you the best possible chance of making money from trading.