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Trading Plan For Beginners

Why a trading plan is essential for success… Struggling to decide what makes the perfect forex trading plan? Curious to know how to produce the right trading plan for beginners? One of the first things our students ask about is how to get their trading plan right for...

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30 Pips Profit Before Work Trade

30 Pips Profit Before Work Trade Going for our days money in the morning is always our goal here in the Live Trading Room. Today we took 2 trades to get there. The first one in the GBPUSD for 29 pips profit and the other in the FTSE for 39 points which is still open...

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Why Trade The DAX Long This Week

Why trade the DAX long this week Are you someone missing big direction trades or losing confidence in your trading? On this video Lee says it as it is and explains the reason why trades to the long side these last few days were predicted at the weekend and planned.  ...

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The Markets Got Rained On Yesterday

The Markets Got Rained On Yesterday On this update you see a happy Lee because it's been another great trading week, but also an unhappy Lee because rain has stopped play this Friday. Take a look as Lee dissects the 4 hours charts of the DAX, FTSE and Gold and what to...

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