At Trading College we believe in a systematic and discretionary approach. We cater to both kinds of traders with our strategies that can be mixed to create great trading results. In this article, we will have a look at the pros and cons of both trading styles and highlight some of the key solutions we have on offer.

The new Trading College AI bot gives us an optimised look at how we can make the most of our tried and tested strategies that have been created over the years Lee Sandford, the founder of Trading College. The core of these strategies are the Pro-Trading System, the Trend Predictor and the Momentum Trigger. We also have some other great strategies on offer like the Level 1 and 2 strategy as well as the Two Wave Reversal strategy. The new Trading College Bot lets us collect all the necessary data to determine what could potentially be the right risk vs reward, the optimal market and even the ideal market conditions for these strategies to best be employed.

As the user, you need to decide what markets to test. What timeframe you trade that market on and your risk vs reward parameters. Once you’ve done this, the bot then scans all the historical market data to find out how successful the system is on any given market. The bot then adjusts the data to your individual parameters to see how that strategy would have performed over the years. On top of that, the bot will then optimise the results to show you how the outcomes would have changed if you shifted some of the parameters chosen. This is an essential feature as the Bot’s suggestions help indicate what subtle changes could be made to improve your strategy make your trades more profitable.

Lastly, you can also programme the Bot so that it can send you messages to tell you if that set-up shows up again in any given market(s). Essentially this means that once the user has received the message, all they need to do is inspect the chart to see if the set-up is valid and then take the trade they’ve been waiting for.


Choosing Your Markets

Not only is this convenient but the Bot can also act as a market scanner for you. Automatically scanning the charts obviously saves the user a significant amount of time. Why stare at charts all day when you can be out living your life; only having to put some work in when the optimal market conditions have been met. This also means that whatever Trading College strategy you’ve chosen, you might never miss a trade set-up again; unless you choose to of course. The interface of the app will also provide you with a full breakdown of the results and a trade-by-trade result list to more easily explain the entry criteria.

Away from the timesaving and back-testing potential of the Bot, the key thing to remember is that you will still need a firm personal understanding of the Trading College strategy your employing. Many of our community of students have been trading the aforementioned strategies for a long time and like to look at the charts themselves to make their trading decisions. Whilst the Bot is flagging up optimal set-ups in your preferred markets, the bot is not forcing you to take any of it’s trade suggestions. The Bot identifies and notifies you of the potential set-up occurring in the selected markets but it is still 100% up to you if you want to trade the set-up or not. We’ve put a lot of work into the app; testing, double-checking & adding additional features even after initial development had been completed. With so much time and effort invested, we can’t wait until release day and for more of our students, both old and new, to get to grips with everything it has to offer. We hope that the Bot will be the perfect blend of man and machine, meeting hand-in-hand to produce some phenomenal results using strategies backed by empirical evidence and, ultimately, to place your trades with as little time wasted by the trader as possible.


The Importance Of A Trading Education

Identifying risk, patterns, psychology, routine, personality, strategies, software and training are incredibly important for being able to reliably make money from trading. Whether this is your first time taking on the forces of the market or you’ve had limited success and want to improve that potential, we have a course that’s right for you. If trading sounds interesting to you, then please remember to check out Learn To Trade Online; it’s a FREE one-day training course that we regularly hold and covers day trading, swing trading and many of the basic concepts. Are you ready to start your trading education? Good news, registration is now open for our Pro-Trader Programme! Join now and learn how to generate a reliable second income that fits around your professional schedule or even turn trading into your full-time job. Click here for more information.  

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