Just when you thought Trading College couldn’t make learning to trade any easier, we have launched a new online programme that literally holds your hand and takes you step by step through the process of trading using our best available tool. This month, we are very proud and excited to announce the launch of the ULTIMATE TRADING PROGRAMME.

The PTS: The Core of the UTP

At the heart of the UTP (Ultimate Trading Programme) is the PTS (Professional Trading System). This is the tool with which you learn to trade the markets on this online programme. The PTS is a bespoke indicator available from Trading College. We’ve been teaching students how to use the PTS for over five years and it’s so popular we’ve designed our latest online training programme around it. On the UTP, students get all the support training they need for eight weeks while they learn how best to utilise the PTS to scan the market and recognise the signals to act upon.

Clear Entry and Exit Points

What makes the PTS stand out from other indicators is that it will show you the best value to enter or exit the market at. Other indicators, such as the MACD, will give you red and green signals that show you buying and selling opportunities, but they won’t tell you the exact price to enter and exit the market at; they are mostly simply telling you where the market could go next. By comparison, the PTS is a very straightforward, visual system that, in addition to giving you green and red signals to buy and sell, also gives you the best value to enter and exit the market at.

Many beginners really struggle to find those entry and exit levels; they panic when the market goes against them and become hesitant to take profits if the markets move in their favour. Because the PTS does all the analysis for you, it relives all the stress of trading; it does the hardest work—working out your targets and stop losses—for you.

When you use the PTS, you can see those levels, the points where you should be entering and exiting the market, very clearly; it takes the decision making out of the process. All you then need to do is follow through and physically enter or exit the trade.

Systematic Trading = Systematic Profits

When you trade using the PTS, you can earn profits in a systematic manner instead of depending on your own judgement, which is all too easily affected by your emotions. Without a system in place, it’s too easy to break the rules. The system literally makes you trade by the rules, as long as you follow it.

We designed the UTP because we wanted to make learning to trade as interactive and straightforward as possible. Many other companies will teach students using only a Power Point presentation. We want you to experience trading first hand using real-time charts. Under the UTP, you get to use the Pro Trading System alongside our trainers and literally trade as they trade, live. If you follow their trades, when they make a profit, you make a profit.

Put simply, the UTP is a fast track for beginners… a fast track to consistent profits. You’re running out of excuses not to trade; we couldn’t have made it easier for you to earn while you learn!