Let's Get to Know Paula Veverka

Our Trader of the Month for May is Paula Veverka, a photographer and busy mum from Scotland whose passion for trading is inspiring. Paula uses trading to balance out her life between running a successful photography business and spending quality time with her family.

New Opportunities

After a long and exciting career working as cabin crew for British Airways, Paula took voluntary redundancy in 2009. “I came from a working class area of Glasgow, so flying gave me opportunities to expand my horizons that I never would have had otherwise,” says Paula. “Working on long-haul flights, flying to places like Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore, I got to meet many interesting people from different places and backgrounds.” But while she’ll always be grateful for those opportunities, it was an exhausting lifestyle. After 17 years in the air, Paula was more than ready to hang up her wings, and focus on expanding her photography business and starting a family.

Why Trade?

A passionate photographer, Paula had started her photography business during her time at British Airways, and when she left the airline it really took off. By the time her daughter was born in 2012, business was flourishing and Paula moved, with her family, into a new property with an attached studio. But juggling the demands of wedding and portrait shoots with motherhood was tough. Paula found that she was working long hours most weekends, often working both Saturdays and Sundays. Eventually, she started looking for something less time-consuming to supplement her income so that she could get more balance into her life. “After watching a TV programme on trading,” she says. “I started doing some research and eventually came across Trading College. I signed up for the Beginners course, then went on to do the PTS course and eventually started the Mentorship Programme.”

Photography Studio

Trading is all About Following Rules

“I totally fell in love with trading,” Paula confesses. “I was surprised I understood it given that I’m no good at maths. But I soon discovered trading is less about understanding figures and more about following rules.” However, it turned out that “following rules” wasn’t Paula’s strongest suit, either! “Lee always says that your personality will be reflected in your trading,” Paula explains. “I’m an impatient person and, for a while, that tripped me up. I was jumping into trades too quickly and overtrading. It’s taken me a long time to learn the discipline to be patient. Lee’s also right when he says that trading is simple… it’s people who make it complicated!”

How to Succeed

Paula finds the Live Trading Rooms particularly valuable. “It’s a great learning environment,” she says. “I might see something that looks like a high probability but someone more experienced, like Lee, will spot details that I might have missed. I love that instant feedback.” But what Paula most values about Trading College is the people. “They couldn’t be friendlier or more helpful. Any time I call with an issue, someone is there to help me. They channel Lee’s passion for trading and his dedication to his students. He is so hard working and genuinely cares about all his students; he simply wants us all to succeed.”


After a bumpy start, Paula has started to make consistent profits. She puts this down to developing the patience and discipline to follow the rules. “All the strategies work, I just had to learn to follow them,” she explains. Ultimately, Paula is looking for steady, consistent profits. “I’ll never want to trade full time,” she says, “I wouldn’t like that kind of pressure. Plus, I love photography. But when your hobby becomes your business, it can get too pressurised and intense. My goal is to get everything in balance. If I can make enough through trading so that I can reduce the amount of time I have to spend on photography, I know I will enjoy it even more. I’m sure I’ll still work most Saturdays, but hopefully I can start taking Sundays off. And I love the flexibility trading gives me to spend more time being a mum. I can always take my daughter to school and pick her up because I can fit my trading in around those hours.”
It sounds like Paula’s working hard to get her life into a nice balance between trading, her photography business (and hobby), and family life. We wish her every success in the future and look forward to hearing about her progress!
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