Our “Trader of the Month” for December is Paul Whenham. Paul first contacted Trading College two years ago. Having worked in the construction industry all his life, he had risen through the ranks to hold a senior position with a great deal of authority. But when he got there he found he wasn’t happy. He was working in civil engineering in the railway sector and the hours were long and antisocial (he often started work at 4.30am and didn’t get home until after 10pm). He also found he didn’t enjoy carrying the huge amount of responsibility put on him. “It was a shock to get to where I thought I wanted to be in life, to the top of my chosen profession, and discover I didn’t like it,” he told us. “I felt lonely and isolated. I missed the banter with the lads I used to work with before I got such a senior position. I just got the gut feeling it wasn’t for me. Eventually I took a step down from Project Manager to Supervisor, but I still wasn’t 100% happy.”

Paul started looking for ways to make a second income that could eventually become a main income. When he came across Trading College he says he was struck by how approachable and transparent it seemed compared with other companies he’d researched. He signed up for his first course and gradually moved up to the mentorship programme. Paul immediately impressed Lee with his commitment and discipline. “He sent me his trading plans with detailed charts explaining the trade strategy examples,” says Lee. “I think that’s why he got excellent results from the start.”

When we asked Paul what motivates him he explained, “For me, it’s never been all about the money, it’s primarily about the freedom. I’ve got three wonderful grandchildren and I want to watch them grow up. Trading offers me the ability to do that. The prospect of making a living by trading an hour a day instead of spending all my time at work with the odd day off on a rainy Tuesday, is what drives me.” Paul says he loves trading “with a passion” and that the secret to his success is in doing exactly as he’s told. He believes people only really fail when they try to interpret what they’re taught and put their own spin on things. “At Trading College they give you all the tools you need, and offer full-time support,” he says. “The rest is up to you. If you stick to what you’re told, you’ve got a good chance of being successful. It’s not rocket science.” Mirroring Lee’s motto, Paul says, “Believe me, if I can do it, anyone can do it.”

A few months ago, Paul handed in his notice. He leaves his job next week and begins a new chapter in life as a full-time trader! We wish him every success and look forward to watching his continued progress.