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Last week a group of students and coaches from Trading College travelled to the beautiful island of Lanzarote, in the Canary Islands, for the Forex Mastery Retreat. The idea of the retreat was for students to spend an immersive few days with coaches and fellow students, live trading, discussing trading, and generally enjoying the gorgeous weather and luxurious environment!

The retreat goers started each day in the Live Trading Room, which was more interactive than usual. Rather than students simply watching and listening to what the coaches were doing, they were encouraged to participate in the process. Students were able to talk through trades with each other, ask the coaches questions, and make their own decisions. Generally, the coaches would go through the strategies and then ask students what they would do in various scenarios.


An aim of the retreat was to keep things very simple. Our coaches wanted to show students how straightforward trading can be, so the strategies they focused on during the retreat were the FREE MONEY and BOOMERANG strategies. Both these strategies allow traders to set up trades or alerts, and then to walk away and get on with their day, knowing that the trades would kick in when the right prices were reached, or that they’d get an alert on their phones telling them that the price was right and they should follow up and make the trade.


In this situation and location, “walking away and getting on with their day” was a little more enjoyable than usual!


Being away from their usual daily lives allowed students to experience how flexible trading can be. They were able to see, first hand, how they really can trade from anywhere in the world, and whenever they want. This helped them see how realistic it is for them to fit trading around their busy lives and commitments at home. Every day on the retreat, they only had to work for a couple of hours. They then had the rest of the day off to rest and relax in the sunshine, following up if and when they needed to when they got alerts on their phones.


One of the high points of the whole retreat was when members received messages that they had made a profit on one of their trades while they were enjoying pre-dinner drinks. Finding out that they had just made money, literally as they were about to sit down to dinner, created quite the celebratory atmosphere!


Everyone had a thoroughly enjoyable time and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. What the students seemed to find most useful was being able to spend a few days immersed in the company of coaches and fellow members, discussing strategies and asking questions whenever they felt like it. Spending time in a group of people who shared a passion for trading was what participants said they valued the most about the retreat.


Overall, the Trading College Forex Mastery Retreat was a huge success. Don’t miss the next one!



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