Learn How to Trade Forex


Are you wanting to learn how to trade forex?

Perhaps you’ve been looking for forex trading courses?

Like many others, perhaps you’ve got a long-standing ambition to learn how to trade professionally?

We know what’s holding you back.  You’re telling yourself … surely there’s an easier way.  My lucky streak, you say. It’ll come good. I’ve got no pension, but it’ll be OK.  I’ll find the cash from somewhere.  And then you spot the news…


Just last week, a lucky ticket holder in Britain won the entire £121.3 million jackpot in Tuesday’s EuroMillions draw.  “Wow – what a night for UK EuroMillions players”, says Andy Carter, at The National Lottery. “A single ticket-holder has banked the entire £121.3 million jackpot and immediately becomes the third biggest winner this country has ever seen”.


Wow. Every person in the country thinks, it could have been me!


For most of us, this amount of money is simply a dream.


But stories of Jackpot winners ending up bankrupt re-appear surprisingly often.  Like Peter Kyle who won over £5 million, but then was reported bankrupt in just three years.   Or Roger Griffiths who reportedly won £1.8 million in 2005, only to end up divorced and broke by 2013.


So perhaps winning the EuroMillions lottery isn’t such an aspiration, after all?  And maybe it is time to go back to your orignal plan- trading Forex.


“We see so many students looking to earn a second income, or to top up their earnings by swing trading.  Some students are looking to become full time day traders. Others are looking ahead to retirement, or to big expenses on the horizon – maybe a new baby, a wedding, kids at University or a special holiday.  Others are just sick of the commute, the travelling, and working hard for little reward” says Greg, Trading College trading mentor.
So what can forex trading beginners expect?  We look at why trading forex can be a sensible option for anyone looking for an income…. with a far greater chance of success than the lottery!


We asked Greg, coach and mentor at Trading College, for his advice to beginners considering forex training.



‘Forex’ is short for foreign exchange and is also known as FX or the currency market. It is one of the most widely traded markets, and certainly the largest form of exchange in the world. You can trade Forex from 20:00 Sunday – 22:00 on a Friday from anywhere in the world so it often appeals to our students as it allows them to trade flexibly around their current commitments.



You need to understand the foundations of trading.  It’s a bit like setting up a new business venture. You need to know what you’re doing.  There’s a little bit of due diligence before you start, and once you’ve decided it’s right for you, there are many forex courses to choose from – online and classes.  You’ll need to learn about markets, strategies, money management and traders terminology.



Yes we help our students make the right choice.  The key to making a success of trading the markets is to find good volatility with low commissions from your broker.



Most our our beginners want to learn to trade forex.  But in essence, we teach how to trade online, so in time you can adapt to any market of your choice.  Binaries are not recommended at all – we don’t touch them! Stay clear!

The most popular markets are Forex, commodities, indices and stocks.



We run forex trading courses online.  We offer a course called Apprentice Trader for complete trading beginners, and The Pro-Trader Programme which is more substantial.  Both are online so ideal for fitting in around a weeks work. I did this myself, and learnt to trade forex online whilst working full time.  I actually found it refreshing at the end of a day to do something for myself, knowing I was building my family’s future. It was an exciting time for me.



You’ll need a pot of money to start trading with, a brokerage account, then charts, software and indicators. We encourage our new students to start on a demo account first, whilst they are learning, and to progress from there.  It is important to get educated, so chose a course, learn the foundations, then move onto picking and learning your strategies. Our strategies work with at least an 80% success rate and have been extensively back-tested.  We trade live using our strategies demonstrating our confidence in the trading strategies.  You too can reach this level of confidence in your Forex trading and we wish you every success!

PS. Trading has meant that none of our coaches bother doing the lottery!

If you’d like to talk to a course advisor about our Forex trading courses, simply request a call and we’ll be in touch!