This week we spoke to Lee Sandford about the brand new TRADING COLLEGE LEARNING HUB being launched today!

What is the learning hub?

The Learning Hub is a brand new online interactive course portal that allows members to take courses suited to them, in their own time, on their laptop, desktop, phone or tablet. The Trading College Learning Hub offers a completely flexible way of learning.

What is new about it, compared to existing courses?

The key factor is that this is a fully INTERACTIVE hub; it’s not just a bunch of videos. People can touch the screen, click on charts, drag and drop things. Boxes pop up, there are flip cards; it generally has all the bells and whistles of a fully interactive learning hub.

What inspired you to create it?

Through my years of mentoring traders I have become fascinated by the different ways in which people learn. Some people learn better audibly, some visually and some kinaesthetically (through practical activities). In education, one size does not fit all. The hub allows you to tailor the training to the way you learn best. You can choose a path that has more visuals, or more audio, or more exercises.

Who is it designed for?

Literally everyone. I wanted to create something that everyone could get the best out of, no matter their style of learning, or what stage they are at; the hub has value for beginners through to those who have been trading for years. Also, as our international membership grows, it’s important that we cater for people who aren’t completely fluent in English. This learning portal gives members the option to learn through visual aids that bypass language barriers.

What are the best features of the Learning Hub?

There are so many great, unique learning features, and courses on many different topics, designed for every level from beginners to advanced students. One of the best features of the Learning Hub is the “self-testing” it allows you to do. You can take quizzes and exercises that keep you engaged in the learning process. These features make learning FUN. We all learn better when the process is fun and engaging. I’ve seen plenty of online videos about trading and they can be so boring; they explain how to trade, but most beginners can’t identify with them. The Learning Hub gives you hands-on experience, which will help to keep your interest. When learning is fun and interactive, you are generally more encouraged to stick at it and learn more. When you learn more, you will be more likely to take better trading decisions, potentially leading to more profit.

Can you repeat courses?

Absolutely! That’s another great feature of the hub, you can take whichever courses you need, as many times as you want. There are courses designed for everyone, from beginners right up to advanced mentorship students. We all need to refresh our knowledge sometimes; you can be quite advanced in your trading journey but suddenly find you need to go back and remind yourself of some of the basics. The Learning Hub allows you to do that, in your own time.

How do we access it?

The Learning Hub will be accessed through the Trading College website. You can sign up for the courses you want and they will be instantly accessible to you.

When will it be available?

The Learning Hub goes live today! Monday 27th March. There are many courses already available and we will be adding more in time. The portal is designed to be an ever-evolving learning tool. We welcome members’ feedback, as that will help us design courses for the future.

Finally, Lee, what do you find most exciting about The Learning Hub?

I love that it offers anyone, from beginners to experienced traders, regardless of their background or learning style, the opportunity to learn in a way that suits them at any time, anywhere. You could do the exercises on your commute; it might be a more productive thing to do than reading the daily tabloids over your fellow passenger’s shoulder! Everything you learn helps to shape your future. I subscribe to the motto: “Your life is a reflection of what you have learnt.” There are no more excuses… the faster you learn, the faster you reap the rewards, so let’s go, folks; let’s learn!

Thanks, Lee. The Learning Hub sounds great and shows how Trading College always seems to stay ahead of the game in terms of providing members with best learning tools; we can’t wait to try it!

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