Just a few of the Pro-Trading System Trades in 2019

It’s nearly the end of the year and so it’s time to look at some of the swing trades from 2019.

Before we do, I would personally like to wish you a Happy New Year and I hope 2020 will be a profitable one for you.

What follows are some of the major swing trades in some of the markets we trade. All our charts have Trading Colleges propriety software the Pro-Trading System (PTS). When it signals green, we are looking for long trades and if the candlestick is red, we get out of our longs and look for shorts.

The charts are all on the weekly timeframe which we use all the time for our swing trades. We prefer to make more profit and spend less time at the screens.

As chartist we are always looking for obvious charting patterns to confirm our analysis alongside the PTS signals.

We mainly swing trade the markets using spreadbetting accounts. This allows us to take advantage of the zero tax on the profits.

Here are the of the trades from 2019. We start with the German DAX.


The DAX ended 2018 with a short red PTS which finally bottomed out in late December and from the beginning of the new green PTS it was straight up without looking back. We also had a Trend Predictor long signal on the 4th February in combination with the long signals in the PTS and this only added to our bullish bias.  By the time our first sell signal (red) confirmed the index had risen over 1,000 points in 4 Months. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that 1,000 points profit with £5 per point would be £5,000 profit. Happy days!

What followed was a short stop out trade and then a long signal for a 200-point profit trade. A short-lived trade signal at the end of the summer was followed with a new PTS green long which is currently making just over 1,000 points profit.

It’s been an excellent year trading the Dax and we think 2020 will be the same.



The Dow has stair stepped higher all of 2019 with every long green PTS buy signal making excellent profits. Our first buy signal came on the week of the 21st January and we didn’t turn red until the 13th May banking well over 1,400 points. If your spreadbetting with £5 per point you would be in profit £7,000 in about 4 Months. You don’t need me to keep doing the maths. I’ll leave that to you from here onwards.

Followed by two red PTS sell signals both only lasting 2 weeks. But these still produced some solid profit.

Since the 2nd September the PTS has stayed green and the long side trade has been the only trade to take. We have had NO signals to short, but I do think we could be seeing another red PTS Short signal very soon. Only time with tell if the selling last more than 2 weeks like the previous two signals but the great thing about trading this system is that you just follow what the signals give us.

With so much bearish sentiment around the indices we just trade the colour changes which keeps it all very simple.



It’s been a bearish year for the EURO as the EURUSD fell 400 points from the start of the year down to 1.1000. The Red PTS was in charge through the year however we did threaten a rally in May when we saw the Storyteller indicator signalling some bullish divergence (2 waves longs). We did get a rally, but it only lasted for 200 pips. Still a good profit but not the 400 + we could have seen. The short selling soon kicked back in again and the EURUSD was heading down to its base of 1.1000.

On the Week starting the 9th December 2019 we had our next PTS buy signal. We got long. A break above 1.1200 would be good and then 1.1250 being the next target. We could get to 1.1400 which would be very nice indeed. I’m adding to all pullbacks but a break below 1.1000 would tell me the trades not working out. Currently it’s working out well.



This pair has been a pleasure to swing trade this year.

We started the year bullish with a green long PTS signal from 1.2900 which came in just short of 1.3400 profit target for nearly 500 pips profit. From that high in March there has only been one direction for the GBPUSD and that has been down. We got two short signals on the PTS. The first didn’t go very far. Only ran 100 pips but the next signal brought in just over 700 pips Profit. It was September when we first started seeing some buying coming into this market. The following long buy signal on the PTS was a monster. We were long up until the election.

Note: how well the Trend Predictor performed on the 23rd September and the 4th November. Two excellent weekly reversals signals giving us the heads up we were going to go higher before the GBPUSD did. We love the early warning.

The Trend Predictor has had a great year and been one of our most popular systems with our customer. We are going to do a lot more training with this system in 2020. Combine this with the PTS and you have a very powerful combination.

Other GBP pairs performing excellent in 2019 were the GBPNZD, GBPCAD and the GBPCHF.

We expect the volatility and the trading opportunities to continue in the GBP.


Gold started the year with a green PTS long Signal and continued to climb for a few Months until April when we got our first red PTS short signal. The trade only moved 20 spreadbetting points which is good for gold, but it was the next long signal that made us all the money.

On the week of the 27th May we got a new green PTS long signal at 1303. Gold never looked back and continued pushing higher throughout the summer. It was only a Trend Predictor red short signal at 1503 in October that made us exit our long trades and start looking for shorts. Is Gold on the brink of another move lower? If the indices roll over, we may see gold spike higher. We will wait for the next PTS long signal.



Started the year with a red PTS short signal and we continued to drop lower until May when we had a long buy signal. The entry was at 87.50 and we never looked back as we climbed to 93.00 for 550 spreadbetting points.

This was followed by our next short signal in September. Another 700 points banked. The weekly PTS is still red, but I think we could see a green long in early 2020.



Ended 2018 with a big spike down. The PTS was already in red short mode signals before the collapse which was an excellent signal.  We soon got some long buy signals on the PTS in February and exited these trades in early April for some solid profits. However, it was the short signal in May that gave us the big swing trade. We continued to see red PTS short signals until September as this trade which brought us in over 500 pips profit.

This pair has had solid gains in 2019 but at times it’s been very slow to trade. It’s been impossible to day trade as the range has been so low. I’m sticking to swing trading this pair until I see the volatility pick up intraday.

Currently we are long but it’s only in profit around 150 pips. I’ve been spoilt with the DAX 1,000 trades.



This has been one of my favourite currency pairs to trade this year. Normally I like to stick to the majors but when I go off-Piste the NZDCAD is a very attractive currency pair.

The swing trades have been awesome in 2019.

We got a double top drop chart pattern in March and we knew it was game over for the NZD against the CAD. Red PTS short signals confirmed this move in early April, and we continued to drop until November bringing in around 700 pips on this swing trade.

The great thing about these trades is that you don’t need to be stuck to a pc all day. You get the signal and you just let the trade run. Always adding to your position when it continues to give you the green or red PTS. You could have 1-5 positions open when you get a strong signal. Instead of jumping from currency pair to currency pair why not add more position size to a trade that’s trending strong.

For example, if your long £2 per point and your risking 1% of your account as soon as you move your stop order to your entry you now free up that 1%. Unless you get slippage or a major gap you can free up that 1% and place another trade in the same market. You could get to £10 per point and still have 1% at risk. We discuss this and go into more detail at Learn to Trade Live FREE Course in January. If you have a small size trading account this technic is perfect for you.

The NZDCAD has been long since November and currently in profit 150 pips.

Here are couple of our stock picks in 2019 –

Pennon Group PLC

We started the year off with a green PTS buy signal and by April we had our first red signal, so we got out of our long trade. This market consolidated in June and August and then broke out the range with a new green PTS long signal at £7.45. This stock has not looked back and is now trading at £10.41


The topping pattern we saw in 2018 was repeated in September 2019 when it formed a similar bottoming pattern at £9.10 in August and this was soon followed by a new green PTS long signal in September at £10.22. We are currently trading at £14.19. Nice profits again.

I do sometimes get bored trading FTSE stocks but if you sit on these signals, for a few weeks or months they bring in some excellent profits. I prefer to trade them in my share dealing or SIPP account.


This stock was stuck going sideways for the early part of 2019 and then on the 9th September we got a new green PTS long signals at £20.62. We are currently trading at £27.49.


Hope you enjoyed a look at some of these trades. I could go on and show you every market and every signal, but it would take a long time.

I hope you will join me at our next LTR in January or on our Pro Trader Programme where you get all the training and software you will ever need.

Have a great festive holiday





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