When faced with the COVID-19 pandemic governments around the world scrambled to put emergency measures in place to prevent widespread job losses; their economies quickly grinding to a near standstill as workers and businesses attempted to navigate mandatory ‘lockdown’ efforts to slow the spread of the disease.

Here in the UK, some 3 million taxpayers (10% of the UK workforce) found themselves excluded entirely from any meaningful governmental support whilst nearly 10 million workers found themselves furloughed, effectively put on temporary leave with the state paying them 80% of their base salary (up to a maximum of £2,500 each month). With the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme due to end on the 31st October 2020, the UK is bracing itself for a fresh wave of redundancies and the Bank of England grimly predicts that the national unemployment rate is set to double from 3.9% to 7.5% before the start of 2021.

Being Cut Off Or Having To Cut Back

Those starting a new job prior to lockdown, the newly self-employed, PAYE freelancers, many company directors and those made redundant before 19th March have all had to face the cold reality of next to no income for months on end whilst those on furlough quickly had to change their lifestyles to accommodate the overnight disappearance of a fifth of their normal salaries.

With such a precarious and competitive job market, it’s no wonder many, by necessity, are looking at alternative methods to bring additional streams of income into their households. Furthermore, to counterbalance the unpredictability of the year ahead, there’s never been a better time to take control of your finances, grow your savings and learn how to provide yourself with a steady income stream independent of your professional and personal circumstances.

Learn, Adapt and Overcome

Whatever your current situation, whether it’s working from home and having that time normally spent commuting going spare, or you find yourself furloughed or in-between work and want to learn a new skill that can provide tax-free earnings for you and your family during these uncertain times; we’re here to help.

Here at Trading College we have adapted all of our events and processes to take place, for the foreseeable future, entirely remotely so that whatever happens you can continue to learn how to trade the markets from the comfort and safety of your own home. The final 5% of places for our popular (and free) Learn to Trade Online course (Tuesday 8th & Wednesday 9th September, 7:30-9:30 pm) are still up for grabs and what’s more, we are currently offering an amazing deal on our Pro-Trader Programme.

For this week only we are giving you a £100 LOVE2SHOP voucher to spend on your local high street, reducing the cost of the course by 10%, giving you two extra months of education (14 months total), additional access to our Apprentice Trader Course and, as an added bonus, the use of our exclusive Two Wave Screener as part of your PTP software. If you are looking to invest in yourself and learn how to trade the markets, now really is the optimal time to start your journey.


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