Trading College Testimonials

How well do we deliver and produce results?

Our job is to educate and support our students. We aim to provide exceptional customer service, incredible course content and coaching to give our students the very best chance of succeeding with their trading goals.

Trading the markets requires a lot of effort and commitment from our students so well done to each and every person who has used the tools, education and support we provide and now trades successfully with consistent profits!


I am a firm believer that if you want to succeed in whatever you do, arm yourself with the right tools and the right education. The PTS course gave me some great tools but the Mentorship Programme is giving me an amazing set of skills and the education to be a successful trader. I have not rushed at working my way through each level of the programme. I like to go over each strategy again and again to ensure I am happy that I have understood. There are many strategies that Lee teaches, but there are 3 which I really enjoy and feel confident with. Building up from small trades, over 10 days and using two of the strategies I like, I had no loosing trades and made the equivalent to my month’s salary! So pleased with myself and such a great feeling! I love trading, and being a member of the Trading College has opened up a whole new life for me. Everyone within the Trading College Team is so friendly and helpful and I have met some really nice people through the programme. Lee is an amazing teacher, patient, funny and more importantly approachable!

Sharon Doble

First LTR trade of the month pays this months subscription. Fantastic.  All profit now.

Geoff C

Thank you [coaches] for the excellent training and webinars so far. Having spent many hours, days and months studying and attending other courses literally until my money ran out I never felt confident to place a trade. After a couple of weeks of studying with Trading College and carrying out my own analysis on the charts I feel calm and collected and I am ready to make my first trades.

Steve Smith

This February (2018) I decided to use my live account, and managed to grow my live trading account by 50%

I found [Trading College’s] indicators to be the best quality, in a class of Louis Vuitton or Rolls Royce…. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you To Lee, Federico and Gregg for teaching me and other students; and all the staff  at Trading College. I would highly recommend this to any one who wishes to learn to trade the markets.
Bessie V-C

Everyone from CEO and Head Coach work extremely hard to ensure all members are given every help to become Effective Traders. They are extremely well supported by a very able and enthusiastic staff who always answer every enquiry. I am near the end of the first stage of my training and looking forward to continuing my association and continued training with Trading College and my Coach who is just under a third of my age. If I can do it so can you.

Niel Maidman

Many thanks for all your help and support throughout my experience with Trading College thus far. You are ALL very helpful and understanding and there has never been any email, enquiry or question un-answered. Your ethos, work ethic and passion as a Company is excellent… My experience has been excellent… [not forgetting that sometimes I can be the village idiot J]- And you have always been very understanding.

Paul Whenham

I would just like to say thank you for so much help with my trading over the last 5 months, as you remember I came to see at the beginning of February 2017, I was already trading the markets but over the period of about two years I was making some money and then losing it and I could not make consistent profit, to be honest my account size eventually disappeared and i lost any hope of trading the markets successfully and just make a small addition income for myself.

Over the last few months I have noticed that my winning trades are so much frequent, and my account starting to grow…

Over the last 5 months my account has gone from £5000 to £10000, that’s averaging £1000 per month consistent profit! 🙂

Not to forget Frederico as well his knowledge in trading and the strategies we use is second to none, with the help from the both of you in the Live Trading Room has been great to find potential day trades and swing trades.

as they say Upwards and Onwards from here!

Naeem Vance

Watch what our current students say!


Trading College Beginner's Course

Apprentice Trader course was very helpful. I really enjoyed learning about indicators


Naveed Gill

Good Course, Very Interesting and informative, Particularly like the Indicators section. I have learnt a lot from this part.


Simon Lane

Very good, I learnt a lot, Trading College is helpful knowledgable and friendly a great place to learn this frustrating business.


Nick Goodbourne

Very informative and straight forward to follow.


Karen Moores

Lovely format, clear and simple yet very informative explained at beginners level making it easy to understand. Already looking forward to starting my next course.


Jason Jones

Great insight in how it all works, comimg from a complete novice. I have went through it once but I will have to go through it a few more times taking a little more notes and asking some questions.


Matthew Shaw

Good grounding course and really helpful to be able to come back to at any point in the future for a bit of a refresh on certain areas.


Rachel Holmes

I found the course very informative and very well put together, it will help me make the right trades moving forward, it is always good to be able to revert back to the course, to see where mistakes have been made.


Steve Bird

As a complete beginner, I found this course very informative and not too complicated…                               Thank you


Danielle Garner

A very informative course which I will need to revisit so that I develop a better understanding of trading safely.


Anne Unger

Lee, Fed and Crew this is a awesome course, I learned a lot from it, it opened my eyes to what it takes to be real Trader.
I am a complete biginner to Trading but this cousre as open the door to me and I trust it will do the same for others too.


Havroy Williams

I found the course packed full of helpful information, I am in no doubt that I will be referring back to it as I do the foundation course for my revision whilst training. The course is so well put together it is hard to make a suggestion for improvement, well done Guys highly recommendable, the only way is up!


George Clark


”A sincere thank you for helping me to find the missing pieces of the puzzle.”



”I am recommending Trading College to everyone interested, I think people who are serious about their trading should look no further, and come and see for themselves and learn from the master.”

Liam Stubbings

”The more education that I receive from you [coaches], and when combined with the PTS (which has far exceeded my expectations in terms of success) The more I know that trading is my future.”

Anna Kiovu

”The course is one of the best things I have ever done. I have traded most days since and in the first 6 months I had a £2000 account and made about 50% return/month.”

Proprietary Software

Out of all the tools available in today’s society, I have found the Pro-Trading System (PTS) to have been the most sophisticated software available.
The state of art technology is superb. Just by using the Story teller alone is well worth the investment,not to mention the fact that the PTS is yours for life.
They say “To be successful, one must study from those who are successful in the field you want to succeed in.” This is the fastest way to succeed.
From my own personal experience Lee Sandford and his excellent team have exceeded and gone beyond my expectations. I have found Trading College to be a great investment in my future and would urge everyone who is sitting on the fence to get the PTS, have the faith and believe that you too can be successful. 
Alpa Ubbi

 I honestly feel for the first time in a while that I have a system and a set of rules in place to find consistency and ultimately make good money from trading the markets.
Your teaching has been fantastic and I couldn’t have asked for a better introduction to both Trading College and the PTS.
James Hanson

The system is clear and simple to operate, even for beginners. The system allows beginners to trade using very black and white procedures, thereby minimising the chances of error. The repeat facility is tremendously valuable, particularly after a few days of solo live practice. Lee, the team and volunteers 10/10

Martin L

Following on from my installation of the new pro-screeners {Strategy – Porsche} in combination with the money line strategy… Combining both strategies has given me not only the confidence but an insight into how powerful your education and expert knowledge of trading actually is. I can only see a fulfilling year ahead and we are only into the third week of the year. 

So many people are missing out, it’s incredible.

Paul Whenham

Having previously traded using trend analysis, the Pro-Trading System makes everything so much easier.

Jason O

I [am] using the PTS system to trade and I was so positively surprised by the efficiency of the PTS !! strategies ( entry/take profit/stop loss levels ) have worked at perfection : 90 % of the trades I did following these ( and also following what I learnt during these seminars) were  successful ….almost insane !!!!!!

So I would definitely recommend the seminars and the PTS system to anyone willing to be successful in this exiting world of trading.”

Tanguy Cruysmans