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Hundreds of people have been through Trading College courses and training and they are happy to share their experiences about us.

Membership Testimonials

The online Forex course was like an ‘awakening’ – the realisation that strategies do work, and seeing the proof on screen – live – in real time. Very educational and impressive; especially as I achieved over 100 pips myself during the two days. Thanks to Lee’s expertise and professionalism I feel I have taken a huge step forward in my knowledge. Robin

A superb week with considerable gains, thank you for such a valuable service Clive Nagel

Scan Club last night you talked about the double top in $/Yen. Saw it and nailed it!! Great call Lee; thanks David Somerset

Thank you for Scan club it was great to listen to, I traded on information after checking charts, and did some more lunch time today after your Tuesday up date, the only mistake I made was cashing all but one in, so I locked in all profits, 249 pips thanks again Ian Collins

Ultimate Forex Apprenticeship Testimonials

A superb week with considerable gains, thank you for such a valuable service Clive Nagel

I want to educate myself in Forex trading and free myself from work. I’ve now got opportunities to make lots of money. Siream Badenski

I thought the course was very well presented and had a lot of content and because it was held over two days it gave us enough time to take it all in, or at least take lots of notes so we could practice the strategies later. John Kenny

Very good course. Lee is very approachable. Muthiah Chidambaram

I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone wanting to start trading the Forex market. So much information. Vincent O'Halloran

I appreciate all the help that you guys have given me. It was certainly a lot of info that was put across in a professional manner; in a way that we all understood! Even when I had a blind panic Lee went back to basics for me and anyone else in the same position and built us back up again. BIG THANK YOU! I now feel more confident now, not only in understanding FX but mainly knowing where and when to enter & exit a trade, what to look for and when to leave and try another pairing etc. Thanks again. Pat McIntyre

I’m really enjoying it , gone 13 trades , no losses ..Thanks Bill Cathcart

I’ve heard so many great things about Trading College but I needed to find out for myself. This is an amazing apprenticeship that Lee is offering. Incredible price and worth so much more. Possibly life changing. Zahid Aziz

It was refreshing to see that Lee’s Forex course was actually two days of pretty intense, profitable advice. I’d gone with the assumption (mostly because of the price) that it would be mostly two days of sales pitches for other products and little practical info. I was wrong. I’d recommend anyone even thinking about Forex at least attend this event – it’s incredible value for money. Ed Tyson

I arrived at the two day ‘Ultimate Forex Apprenticeship’ at the designated venue, and to be honest not really knowing to expect, “ Sure I was still apprehensive, why wouldn’t I be?”. At the registration I was greeted by Andy and Emma, friendly, welcoming, signed in and took my seat. Bang…………………………. In walks the professor [Lee J]…………….Ok everybody, listen Up. First of all welcome everybody, and thank you for taking the time out of your weekend to attend the next two days, – Interesting I thought to myself ‘Good Opening speech’ I am there to learn and he’s thanking me for turning up. Then he explained the agenda and teaching strategy for the next two days. ‘Wow’ The agenda and topics that were going to be covered by Lee, was unbelievable Pen and paper at the ready here we go! Notes, after notes after notes. ‘You couldn’t put a price on it’. The two days covered more topics than I first thought, the knowledge, experience and teaching methods was incredible. ‘But then it went on’ Let me introduce you to another member of my staff, who also teaches. On Comes – Frederico, Who’s this then I thought to myself, and wow two different presenters on the same course – “Same ethos for teaching, and professional trading knowledge, and customer relations, Can’t be. “Sure Thing” Federico, introduced himself. Gave everybody in the room a little back ground history about himself, he’s trading experience’s and his type of trading style. “Today I am going to talk about ‘Risk Management, and Money Management’ – Not a thing I had even considered to be honest “ Just thought you threw your money into a stock trade, shut your eyes and you either won or lost” – My heart started ponding and my eyes opened wide, quickly grabbing pen and paper taking notes, So that what you do I thought to myself. The way he explained it, and went through it, 101 club – clear and understanding to everyone in the room. I was hooked, the two day experience went so quickly, and although sometimes over looked it was Fun – a few laughs along the way, with group participation throughout the two days. Paul Whenham

Hi Lee/Andy, Just a quick message to say thank you very much for the information you gave us at the Ultimate Forex Apprenticeship. It has definitely changed everything, especially my attitude towards trading and the way I look at the charts. I see things that I never knew were there. Now with a good grounding and more help from yourself I’m confident about becoming at least a competent trader. After the two days I have now never been more enthused about starting a whole new journey. The course is structured with a relaxed, down to earth, realistic approach with no gimmicks attached. The level of detail was great in my opinion, not too much so that you lost focus. I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone looking to start becoming a successful trader no matter what experience. Thanks again Colin

Pro Systems Trader Testimonials

Excellent course. The system is clear and simple to operate, even for beginners. The system allows beginners to trade using very black and white procedures, thereby minimising the chances of error. The repeat facility is tremendously valuable, particularly after a few days of solo live practice. Lee, the team and volunteers 10/10 Martin L

A well structured, comprehensive training programme that, not only didn’t disappoint, but also covered everything for the beginner trader delivered by a great coach and trainer who knew his stuff. Sohail K

First and foremost I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to redo the pts course, it has moved on from when I first did it, and confirms the dynamic manner in which you run Trading College. Your instruction is always a development of what you have done before. I think this a reflection of what is happening in the market place which is always changing TC has also developed a group of very intelligent and friendly colleagues who are all interested in assisting TC’s students to learn to make money. I have recommended the course to a number of friends and I hope they will sign up. Finally I want to thank Tamasine for the lovely food that she provided. Henry Levi

Great course. I feel I can go off and do this on my own in a competent way. Automation is the way to go and I think you have shown how this can be done profitably. Well done. Steve S

I have known Lee since he was 11 when I taught him history at secondary school and I followed his career as a professional footballer closely. When I took early retirement from teaching I was looking for a way of making some extra income so went on one of Trading College’s beginners courses. Simply by following Lee’s expert advice I am now making £2,000 – 3,000 a month! I would like to say that I taught him all he knows – but that would only apply to the Battle of Hastings!! Barry Kitcher

Having previously traded using trend analysis, the Pro-Trading System makes everything so much easier. Lee is approachable and can deliver the course so anyone can understand it. Lee is excellent. Jason O

Thanks for the knowledge-enhancing course over the weekend – I believe it was one of the better courses of education I have been on, and that includes 4 years at University and 15 years in the corporate world. In case I haven’t mentioned I am a Solutions Architect for Fujitsu (the Japanese technology company), and have in the past worked for Oracle and Siebel, both large American technology companies. All these companies did offer training on professional and technical skills relevant to my role and also on personal development but none had the impact that it had in terms of the satisfaction of coming out of the course and actually feeling that you can go ahead and do the stuff that was taught. I know now with experience that most of the stuff that was taught was either out of date, certainly the curriculum at University, ot that one required years of experience to be considered and expert. Of course, this still applies to trading as well, but I think I now have a flying start to take a good crack at it. So thanks for that.I will definitely join your Trading College as I do want to continue with this education. I feel that you have a very successful formula there so do keep it up. Dulan

The Pro-Trading System course is the perfect way to take your trading to the next level once you have completed the beginners’ course and experienced some live trading. In just two days, you’ll learn how to trade like a professional and squeeze every last drop of profit out of your trades. Highly recommended. Peter Bennett

Professional Day Trader Testimonials

The course is one of the best things I have ever done. I have traded most days since and in the first 6 months I had a £2000 account and made about 50% return/month. I am sure now that it is something I will be doing for the rest of my life. Anna Kiovu (Full-time Mum)

I just wanted to write you a very short note to tell you THANK YOU for having opened my eyes.My trading has turned around 180 degrees ever since I watched your range bar videos. Thank you for your time and efforts helping traders like me seek what they want. Karl Asseily

See Evelyn’s story… With Lee’s teaching and tools it’s easy to understand. The staff are alway here to answer any questions.
I just wanted to tell you that I increased my trading account by 40% by taking trades while on the Live Trading webinars.  Some I did as day trades and others I let run as swing trades, I’ve just closed the last positions as they’re moving the wrong way for me and I’ll scale back in.  That’s 40% in four days of trading!  I’m really enjoying the LTR and told Lee yesterday that I’ve learned loads this week.  LTR was exactly what I needed to get my confidence back, thank you. Mandy Andrews

This week I took 16 trades, 13 of which were profitable.  Most of them were 60  min 2-step and a couple of  boomerangs, worked out by using your indicators.  Still only using £1 per pip. So I made £127.60. Olivia Brunning (Retired)

First LTR trade of the month pays this months subscription. Fantastic.  All profit now.. Geoff C

A superb week with considerable gains thank you for such a valuable  service. Clive Nagel (Employed)

Using Lee’s methods and strategies, combined with a solid understanding of how markets move, and tight money management, I was able to grow my account over 15% in just 2 days. If this is not confidence inspiring, I am not sure what else is. Karl Asseily (Business owner)

Just wanted to let you know had a very good week 11 wins 4 loses made £631 profit! Monica Mohan (Retired and living the dream)

Lee, can I say how impressed I was with the 3 day Master Forex course at Trading College. I have done so many courses and seminars, that to be honest, were at best not very good, at worst a complete rip off. To give you an idea here is a brief list > The insider signal > Don’t tell the professionals > Flag trader and some traffic light system I’ve  now forgotten the name of several products from Vince Stanzioni including a one day seminar costing an embarrassing amount of money, that in my opinion, was a complete waste of time. There are more, but I think you get the picture. I could not find a mentor to give me what i needed,  Although I wasn’t even sure what I needed, not for the want of trying. I Knew I had a good base knowledge of trading techniques, but I was also painfully aware there was something missing. I gave up on these courses and thought, to myself  The only way I am going to do this, is by experience, trade the markets, analyse where I make money, and lose money and adjust my strategy accordingly until i get it right. Well guess what, I STILL haven’t got it right.That was until I attended the 3 day Master Forex course by your good self. I like to think fate has guided me here, as suddenly there appears to be a very bright light at the end of the tunnel. I was amazed by the new techniques you taught us Lee, and the knowledge you have managed to impart into our group over the 3 days. I couldn’t get enough, and wished it had gone on for another 3 days ! A sincere thank you for helping me to find the missing pieces of the puzzle. I have an absolute passion for trading, its the last thing I think of at night, and the first thing in the morning. It occupies my thoughts 80% of my waking day. and its nothing to do with money. (although it hopefully will be a by product !) I really feel its my destiny. Lawrence

As always, I have enjoyed trading with you guys, thank you so much for having me. When I did the Day Trading course previously, there were some people who traded real money and they always made profit, so this time around I did not hesitate to do the same. So I ended up making £600 actually on the course. I could not feel more confident trading under Lee’s guidance, because I have seen times and again his strategies just work. I have started trading from scratch 18 months ago, I was lucky enough to be taught and mentored by Lee, and all I can say is if you have to learn, learn from the best.I am recommending Trading College to everyone interested, I think people who are serious about their trading should look no further, and come and see for themselves and learn from the master. Natalia

Mentorship Programme Testimonials

My brother told me about Trading College. He was already a member and is now a very successful trader!! I joined Trading College in May 2015, attended the PTS course and after attending the Ultimate Forex weekend and then enrolled in the Mentorship Programme in July. Why, because I wanted the education to become a good trader. I am a firm believer that if you want to succeed in whatever you do, arm yourself with the right tools and the right education. The PTS course gave me some great tools but the Mentorship Programme is giving me an amazing set of skills and the education to be a successful trader. I have not rushed at working my way through each level of the programme. I like to go over each strategy again and again to ensure I am happy that I have understood. There are many strategies that Lee teaches, but there are 3 which I really enjoy and feel confident with. Building up from small trades, over 10 days and using two of the strategies I like, I had no loosing trades and made the equivalent to my month’s salary! So pleased with myself and such a great feeling! I love trading, and being a member of the Trading College has opened up a whole new life for me. Everyone within the Trading College Team is so friendly and helpful and I have met some really nice people through the programme. Lee is an amazing teacher, patient, funny and more importantly approachable! ~ Nov 2015 Sharon Doble

Karl’s story…

The course will solidify their knowledge and build confidence. In four days I’ve made $450 profit all made from Lee’s strategies.

See Grace’s story… Lee Sandford is your top notch man!