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Pro-Trading Course

Our comprehensive 12 month trading course teaches you everything you need to know to become a consistently profitable trader.

  • Proven strategies
  • AI software
  • Self-paced lessons
  • Interactive classes

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Pro-Trading Course

Become a consistently profitable trader, 12 month course.

  • AI software

  • Self-paced lessons

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Pro-Trading Course

Become a consistently profitable trader, 12 month course.

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Trading Mentorship

Gold-standard of trading courses, curriculum personally tailored to you, one-to-one tuition from qualified Trading Mentors.

  • Individual sessions
  • In-person mentorship
  • Personal support
  • Built around you

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Trading Mentorship

Gold-standard, personal curriculum, one-to-one tuition.

  • In-person mentorship

  • Built around you

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Trading Mentorship

Gold-standard, personal curriculum, one-to-one tuition.

Stock Trading Mentorship

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Trading Mentorship

UPDATE – Our Mentors are currently at full-capacity. To be added to the Waiting List and learn more about the Programme please request a callback.

The gold-standard of trading courses, Trading College’s premium Mentorship Programme combines a uniquely tailored curriculum along with one-to-one tuition from one of our professionally qualified Trading Mentors to teach you how to consistently trade any financial market and confidently employ tried & tested strategies to reliably grow your account.

Able to support you from anywhere in the world, as well as in-person at one of our monthly Mentorship Day events, our experienced Mentors have taught thousands of medium to high-net-worth individuals how to use their hard-won wealth to generate an income independent of their high-pressure careers.

Want to increase your leisure time whilst maintaining the same standard of living? Looking to generate an additional income to rely on when your business suffers from an economic downturn? Our Mentors can teach you how – request a callback to find out what our Mentorship Programme can do for you.

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Why Learn To Trade?

Day trading or swing trading have many benefits for those who know what they’re doing, can stick to their strategies and keep their emotions in check. Here are just some of the many reasons to start learning how to trade the markets…

Financial Independence

Freedom is priceless. As a trader you are working for yourself and answerable to no one.

Work From Anywhere

Do you want to escape to the country?…Or even work from another country altogether? Trading might be the key to unlock those geographic shackles & live where you’ve always wanted to.

Extremely Flexible Hours

Are you longing for a more laid-back lifestyle? A better work-life balance? Want to focus on a new hobby or business venture? How about spending more time with your friends and family? You can carry out your trades from as little as 30 minutes per day (often in the morning) and due in part to slow Friday markets 4 day work weeks are not uncommon.

Monetise Your Downtime

Does your business have a quiet season? Has the poor economy impacted your household finances? Trading can create an important, secondary income stream that fits around your current work schedule. Crucially, trading is recession-proof; through long trades and short trades you can make money whether the markets are going up or down.

Huge Profit Potential

Done well, successful day & swing trades can be immensely lucrative, particularly in today’s volatile markets, HOWEVER trading without a strategy is essentially gambling and luck never lasts. Trading is not a get-rich-quick scheme; rushing into the markets blind can have devastating financial consequences. You need to educate yourself first.

Professional Trading Mentors

Founded in 2009, since its inception Trading College has prided itself on delivering world-class education & first-rate support to meet the needs of each of our Mentorship students. This simply wouldn’t be possible without an expert faculty of teachers.

Each of our Mentors have years of successful real-world trading experience as well as their own niche market specialistions. Moreover, their skillsets are not just limited to mere technicalities; each Mentor also demonstrates the exemplary teaching skills required to help guide each student through our innovative trading curriculum and give you, as an individual, the confidence to succeed as a trader.

Student Reviews

Gary Ashton – 11/04/2020

I started on the Pro Trader programme which I found really good. Once I realised trading was what I wanted to do full time I upgraded to the mentorship. My experience with Trading college has been excellent. The support you get is unreal. My mentor Raj is brilliant and his knowledge has blown me away. I’ve now been set up with a trading strategy that has been matched to my lifestyle, around my job and also is suitable to my personality profile. I’ve now competed my first month of mentorship and am already making a profit. My goal for full time trader has been set and I have 100% confidence Trading College will help me achieve that

More Reviews

Helen Goddard-Nickolls – 11/01/2020

The whole team at Trading College have a passion to help every individual succeed. They are committed to providing every trader with continuous support and valuable, meaningful education, often at a very detailed level. Rare these days to find a company this ethical to rely on. Trading College and the Mentorship programme is highly recommended.

Susan C – 10/02/2021

I have been a Mentorship student for the past year, all I can say is what an Incredible journey. My goal was to be a day trader and for me the Mentorship program was the only option to get me where I needed to be in the shortest time possible. The level of support is good, together with the monthly Mentorship meetings where we get together with fellow [students] and coaches in a totally open and sharing environment.

Paul S – 03/05/2021

The Trading College family, from Lee, coaches, support staff and students, the help and support cannot be overstated. Absolutely wonderful experience. The best thing about the Mentorship is the support which is second to none. The students all help each other. It’s life changing.

Mohsen Badrkhani – 10/31/2020

Joint trading college mid 2018 as a PTP student, I had no previous knowledge and trading experience. Online course’s material, webinar and daily support including fantastic Wednesday masterclass opens up new path to learn this lifetime skill at trading college. Mid this year and after completed my PTP course, I have signed up for Motorship and since then I learned a lot from knowledgeable coaches. I am working closely with my coach Mr Raj to find the most suitable strategy that suite my personality and my daily lifestyle. Very friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced coach’s team. Absolutely love monthly mentorship day and recently psychological webinar. Thanks to Lee, Raj, Dan, all admin & tech team. Glad I am part of trading collage mentorship group.

John O’Leary – 10/29/2020

My business is on the verge of closure after the devastating impact COVID19 has had on the travel industry. Since March I have been at my wits end with uncertainty, I wanted to find a new hobby or learn a new skill to occupy my time and mind. A friend of mine suggested that I learn about trading the markets, something that I knew absolutely nothing about. He suggested Trading College because he had met Lee Sandford on holiday a few years back, so passed on his company’s details. I am now 5 months into the Mentorship Programme and have only positive feedback about my experience. The staff are friendly, professional, and work hard to assist all students. The online learning materials are excellent, especially the video tutorials, we have scan club on Monday nights and an educational masterclass on Wednesdays. I am being mentored by Raj, his knowledge is excellent and our 1:1 sessions are helping me progress, I am currently demo trading but nearly at a point where my stabilisers can come off to be let loose, live on the markets. Becoming a member of the Trading College community has really helped me over these difficult few months. It is now more than a hobby, I aim to become a consistent, profitable trader and think this is the best chance I will have to achieve this.

Alexander Bryant – 9/11/2020

Friendly and professional set up with easy to follow principles and excellent support and software. The mentorship program set me up with the skills and information required to consistently and confidently set up trades and walk away to do other things while they played out. Great lessons on knowing your own personality, and money management that mean when you get to wrong you limit your loses, while when you get it right you do well. Coaches and other mentors are always there to offer support and guidance. I highly recommend the Mentorship program to anyone looking for focus and consistency in their trading.

Included In The Mentorship Programme

  • One-to-one Mentorship Sessions
  • Mentorship Days (monthly in-person day/evening events)
  • Pro-Trading System and Screener, Trend Predictor, Storyteller & Pro-OBS Indicators (software)
  • Monday Night Scan Club (weekly interactive classrooms)
  • Wednesday Night Masterclass (weekly interactive classrooms)
  • Premium Online Modular Trading Course (Video / Audio / Articles)
  • Personality Profiling Assessment to help tailor the curriculum around your strengths
  • STA Qualified Coaching & IT Support
  • Beginners’ Boot Camp (intensive 6 week primer course)

Invest In You – Trading Education Changes Lives

We will work with you on a personal level to transform not only your trading but also your life. Whether you’re looking to spend more quality time with your family, escape your high-pressure job role, retain an income for your retirement or create a reliable second-income to allow you to pursue a career or start the business you’re passionate about. The Mentorship Programme has helped hundreds to reach their goals and realise their dreams.

You have our full support, one-to-one & group sessions, over 1 full year but after the course has been completed you retain lifetime access to our trading software, the Trading College community, all classroom & course materials as well as exclusive invitations to short refresher or brand-new courses.

The skills you acquire on the Mentorship Programme will give you all of the knowledge, strategies, skills and software needed to propel you into a full-time or part-time role as a trader. 91% of Mentorship Programme graduates have gone on to successfully pursue a trading career that fitted into their lifestyle goals – this is an incredibly high attainment rate for any industry, let alone trading.

Here are what some of our Alumni have to say from their time on the course:

Grew his account from £10k to £150k during his year on the Mentorship Programme. ”Around 300 pips this week, I’ve not had a losing trade for 3 weeks.”
– Atif, Trading Mentorship Programme Graduate

”I’m averaging £600 per day since joining the Mentorship Programme. Out for 107 pips profit on the AUDJPY.”
– Chris, Trading Mentorship Programme Graduate

”Just done 105 points on the Dax.” 
– Graham, Trading Mentorship Programme Graduate

”Total profit for today is around 400 points, very happy girl here.”
– Silvy, Trading Mentorship Programme Graduate