It’s Time For A Breakout

Are you a fundamental or technical analyst? At Trading College, our coaches and students are technical analysts. Put simply, technical analysts look directly at charts and identify patterns that inform their trading decisions. Here are our top five reasons why we are technical analysts! In this free market update, STA qualified technical analyst Lee Sandford analyses the charts for the Silver market. In the recent past, the Silver market has been sideways and in consolidation after a major sell-off with multiple red Pro-Trading System signals. Lee analyses the charts to predict what could happen next.

Next month, we are holding 4 new classroom events at Trading College headquarters. These 4-hour courses are designed to boost and accelerate your trading.

If you are a day trader, our ‘Day Trading Success- Accelerator Course‘ has been designed to put you in front of a professional day trader so that you can learn directly from them and learn their secrets. You can learn more about the course and available dates here. Do you prefer to swing trade? Our ‘Swing Trading – Income Booster Course’ will show you how to fit trading around your other commitments and how to look for trades setting up so you can spend less time away from your trading screens.

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