Our Trader of the Month for June is Peter Honeyman. Congratulations, Peter!


Peter has been a member of Trading College for several years now. He began by doing a few of our courses when he first found us and then started the Mentorship at the end of 2015. Since January this year, Peter’s trading account has increased massively and he has had an impressive record of winning trades. We caught up with him to ask him about the secret of his success.

First of all, Peter, can you tell us a bit about your background?

I’m from the north east of England originally, but I came down south to look for work when I left school in 1976, as jobs were scarce in the north. I got straight into investment banking and have been working in operations ever since, for companies such as J.P. Morgan Chase and Standard Bank. I’m currently working for Lloyds.

And what initially got you interested in trading?

 With a career in finance I had always thought about doing my own trading. I liked the idea of having more control over my earnings and more independence. I’ve always had a good salary working in banking, but the hours are gruelling. I often work 10-12 hours a day plus an hour’s commute at each end. I was keen to find something to do that would allow me to have more quality time with my wife and two children

What brought you to Trading College?

 When I first started trading, I decided to trade U.S. options. I enjoyed the strategies and found it fascinating, but I quickly grew frustrated with all the tax I had to pay and the money I lost on exchange rates. Also the education company I’d chosen were always hard selling their new courses. I began to feel they were more interested in taking my money as a customer than in my progress as a trader. I decided to research new companies and went to an industry trade fair where there were many trading education companies giving presentations. Lee Sandford’s  presentation about Trading College was the last one I saw, and it was honestly like night and day. He was the first person I heard speak who I really believed genuinely cared about his students’ success. I joined Trading College immediately and the rest, as they say, is history.

What did you find different about Trading College?

The number one thing is the community spirit. Everyone wants to help, from students to staff and trainers. If I have any questions, I can go to the online chat room at any time. Lee and the other coaches hang out there, too, and are always available and keen to answer questions because they genuinely care about us. I love that accessibility to the core trainers. I feel Lee really wants his students to do well. And the different courses on offer are brilliant, there’s something for everyone. As a swing trader, and working such long hours in my job, I need to be very flexible. Lee even has great strategies for overnight trading. This suits me perfectly.


How did you manage to increase your account and record of winning trades this year?

 Everything changed for me when Lee introduced us to the scanners that can be used with the Pro Real Time platform. Before, I was getting home late at night and really struggling to focus on going through all my charts. Now my scanners will pick up my strategies in seconds, then I just need to do a little analysis and take the trades. It’s been life changing for me, making trading completely stress free. This is exactly what I want from trading: a stress-free way of making the same money I make now in a fraction of the time it currently takes me in my current job.

What are your ambitions for the future?

I look forward to the day when I can become a full-time trader. I love to travel, to visit new places and have new experiences. I was on holiday with the family in Tenerife recently. I would get up at 8 am, look at my charts, place some trades and then head to the beach. I practically paid for the holiday with the profits I made; I at least made our spending money. I thought to myself then, “This is how I want to live all the time!”

Hopefully, you’re on the path to making that dream come true, Peter. We wish you the very best with your trading and your plans, and look forward to hearing updates on your progress!