Full-Time Retail Trading

With the New Year bringing new personal and professional goals and resolutions for everyone, let’s turn our attention to our finances. Have a think about the current state of your finances and your future financial goals. If you’re a trader, this also means assessing 2017’s trading result and profit & loss. The famous expression, “Money doesn’t buy happiness” might be true, but money can certainly make life less stressful – that’s why it’s important to get our finances in order.Trade for financial freedom

Each and every single person reading this is looking for ‘more’, whether that be an increased income, more time or even financial peace of mind. Financial peace of mind is so much more than just money or finances. It means having the time and resources to spend on what is valuable to you, whether that be having more time to spend with your children, being able to pay that unexpected bill, saving for a house deposit or just being able to live comfortably. It means that you are in control of your finances and how much you earn.

Anyone Can Trade The Financial Markets

Our motto at Trading College is ‘Anyone can learn how to trade the markets.” This is reflected by our diverse array of students who come from a variety of backgrounds. Some of our students trade part-time around their current full-time jobs, others have moved on to full-time trading. Click here to view our showcase of 2017’s Trader Of The Month student stories.

These days, trading no longer has high barriers to entry in comparison to the past when most traders were institutional traders for companies or banks. Trading the financial markets have become more and more accessible, with traders starting with small trading accounts. We are starting to see retail trading becoming progressively popular as many people are trading for their own financial benefit – for a secondary income or as their main source of income. Anyone with the patience and dedication can become a retail trader. If you haven’t started trading yet, you really are missing out the income potential. Don’t hesitate any longer, and click here to learn how you can trade around your current full-time job

Peace Of Mind

Trading is the career to have if you want to reach and sustain financial peace of mind. Many people spend a portion of their days commuting to work, working hard and long hours and having to deal with difficult colleagues. Why? To pay for nice houses or cars. Think of it this way, if we are spending all of our time in the office or on the train commuting, when do we actually have the time to enjoy the things we work so hard to pay for?

Trading is simpler than starting your own business as there are no products to develop or sell, you don’t have huge overheads and you are not obliged to be in a certain place at a certain time. When you are a trader, all you need is an initial investment to get the right technology and education, and then a good attitude and work ethic while you learn your skills.

Trading allows you to spend more time with your familyLearning to trade the financial markets and trading from home can bring you a world of benefits. Trading can be your career and not just a hobby. Trading allows you to work from home and choose your working hours which means you can fit it around your current commitments and avoid the horrid commute. You are in charge of your own time, you can take that holiday when you want and you never have to miss your child’s birthday. You are your own boss which means you don’t have to deal with toxic work colleagues or bosses thus eliminating a lot of stress from your life. And the most important part, there is no cap on your earning potential, you are in charge of how much you earn! When you are financially free you have the freedom to maximise your potential because you have an incentive to push yourself to your limit and beyond because you know it’s your life, your business that will directly benefit. 

How To Get Started

We recommend that if you are a complete novice, you start your trading journey by getting a decent trading education before you take the plunge and quit your job to trade full-time. As a beginner, if you have the time and resources to dedicate yourself fully to trading, then we encourage you to do so. You might want to consider a Mentorship Programme to allow you to have access to professional traders who will guide you along your trading journey.

Best practice would be to learn how to trade around your current job first until you become consistently profitable before you transition to a full-time trader. Look for a trading course that covers all of the foundations, teaching you strategies and technical analysis. Having a decent trading education gives you the best possible chance to succeed and make a profit. Also, ensure you have a good trading plan and are able to follow your strategy well.Have motivation when trading full-time from home.

Before you start trading full-time, assess your current financial situation and treat trading like your own business. If you owned a business, you would review your expenses and look at ways of cutting down expenses. This is a good way of saving money and being able to add it to your trading account. The aim is to make a consistent profit and you can do this by compounding your profit and consistently adding to your trading account.

It is achievable for every single person reading this – it does take patience, discipline and a solid trading education. Aim to give yourself the best possible chance of making winning trades and increasing your profit. 

Remember trading full-time does not mean trading all day, every day. In trading, time does not equal money – you could be trading only a few minutes or hours a day and bring in high profits because it is about your skill and knowledge. Sounds like a great full-time job to me!


Things To Consider

When considering transitioning to full-time trading, here are a few things you might want to consider:

  • How much time do you want to spend at your screens?
  • What are your motivations and goals?
  • Do you have a trading education? 
  • Do you have a solid trading strategy and plan?
  • Are you consistently profitable?
  • Are you in the right mindset?
  • How much is your cost of living?
  • How much extra income would you like to make? What are your profit targets?


Have a good mindset for tradingOne of the most important factors when it comes to trading is your mindset. We believe that trading is 20% your strategies and 80% having the right mindset and psychological approach. Work on improving your mindset by focusing on your motivations and goals. Always see the positive in every trade and learn and improve. The way you think and behave will always have a massive impact on your trading so don’t let your emotions cloud your judgment. The first step to mastering your mindset is to recognise and acknowledge when you are feeling stressed or negative emotions including fear and anxiety. Work on your trading confidence because trading is a probability game and you will have wins and losses. It’s all about maintaining your composure and moving forward. 


Are You Ready To Take The Leap?

If you are serious about trading full-time from home, then we encourage you. If you are in need of mentoring or coaching through your journey, we suggest you have a look at our Pro-Trader and Mentorship Programmes. If you would like to discuss our range of options with a course advisor, click the button below to request a phone call.