Congratulations to David MacKay for being chosen as July’s Trader of the Month! The coaches selected David because he has followed his chosen strategies consistently, which has led to successful trades and regular profits.

David was born in the North East of Scotland and, apart from spending a few years in France after early retirement from the police force, has lived there all his life. David went through a few career changes before joining the police force. Initially, he studied medicine at Dundee University but left to work in the family business. “My family ran pubs and clubs in our local town of Arbroath, which is home to a Royal Marines Commando base,” David explains. “I was more business minded than academically driven and I wanted to be making money. After two years without a day off, however, I was ready for another change. I had always been interested in becoming a police officer, so I joined up.”

During his 20+ years working with the police, David enjoyed some thrilling and challenging experiences. He was in a mobile rapid response unit and was thus involved in dealing with burglaries, fights and domestic disputes as they were in progress. But after a spinal injury sustained during an arrest left him physically compromised, he became more involved as an instructor of self-defence and other trainings. Eventually, repercussions from his injury forced him into early retirement and he left the U.K. to live in France for a few years, returning in 2013 to care for his ailing father.

“From 2013 to 2016, I really wasn’t doing much,” David tells us. “In fact I was quite frustrated. My back was getting worse, which meant it was hard for me to think about working again, but I was desperate to find something to stimulate my mind. Of course I thought it wouldn’t hurt if it also made me a little extra money on the side!”

David started to look at trading. At first he got involved with binary options. Unfortunately the company he chose was a rogue company and he lost some of the profit he made. That’s when he started to search for trading education companies and came across Trading College.

“I watched one of Lee’s free webinars and immediately liked what I saw,” David says. “I contacted Trading College, had a good chat with a member of staff and signed up for the Rapid Accelerator Course. I really liked it. The material I received was informative and impressive, and was very well structured. I was also reassured by Trading College’s CPD (Continuing Professional Development) accreditation. By January this year I was ready to sign up for the Mentorship Programme.

Although David has only been trading for around six months, he has made consistent profits. He is particularly grateful to his coach who advised him to pick one strategy and stick with it. “I went for the Free Money strategy. I practiced on a demo account first, got good at it and then went live,” David tells us. “I immediately started to see consistent profits. It does what it says on the tin; it’s so easy and straightforward it really is like getting free money!” David loves all the shared information on offer at the Monday night Swing/Scan  Trading Club and in the live trading room. He is also a big fan of Trading College’s education portal.    

But David wanted to take his trading education one step further; he was keen to understand how the markets worked and he has gone to great lengths to learn all he can about the money markets. “For me, the main reason I wanted to learn to trade was to stimulate my mind,” David explains. “The money is just a by-product of doing something that excites me and interests me. For some people, it’s a relief that they have the tools to trade successfully without needing to understand how the markets work because they haven’t got much free time, and they are just doing it for the additional income. I had too much time on my hands. In any case, I always operate best when I understand every component of how something works.”

David already has some very specific advice for other traders. “When fellow traders complain that they aren’t making profits, I always tell them that they should look closely at themselves. Maybe there is a problem with your money management. Perhaps you haven’t understood a specific aspect of the strategy. The bottom line is, the strategies work, so if they are not working for you, look at what you are doing, don’t blame the strategies!” 

“I’m having a very positive experience doing my Mentorship,” David says. “And I’m excited and positive about the future. I know trading is going to remain a big part of my life.”

Thanks for sharing your inspiring story with us, David. We look forward to hearing updates on your progress!

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