10 Rapid Accelerator Strategies


Do You Want 10 Strategies that are proven to work day in day out?


This is the recordings of our 6-week mentorship program we held in 2016

Trading Strategies

Everyone is searching for that golden strategy that will make them a millionaire, jumping from course to course, buying the latest get rich quick system and strategy that will make them rich over night (only to find that a couple of months later they are at another event doing the same thing)! Sound familiar?

Let me tell you that you are not alone. At Trading College we get contacted by hundreds of people every single week doing exactly this and so Lee Sandford, for the first time has decided to put together an online program called Rapid Accelerator Strategies. With this unique on-line program you will have access to Lee’s very best trading strategies; these will cover both day and swing trading.

Lee Sandford has spent the last 20 years trading the markets and coaching others to become successful, profitable traders. He does this through live programs, webinars and also trades LIVE every morning in front of his students with a live account showing what he is doing and explaining why he is doing it. He shows his accounts and broker tickets and also sends out his results in newsletters and emails to encourage others to take advantage of what he has to share. The great news is for the very first time he has decided to put 10 of his most powerful strategies into a program to help you get results too.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you had not one, not two, but TEN strategies that are proven to work day in day out in your tool box. allowing you to look at the markets to spot set ups knowing you have strategies that would fit more than one chart pattern. Sound good?


Are you ready?

You need to ask yourself if you are ready to take this seriously ? Are you willing to put the effort into investing properly in your education and knowledge ? Once you learn these strategies will you follow them to the letter to make yourself a consistent, confident and profitable trader? if the answer is NO then this maybe not for you. If you can answer YES to the questions then read below and we look forward to helping you get to where you want to be.





Benefits of Online Video Training

  • Allows flexibility to learn at a time, location of choice and pace that suits the student
  • Can be easily fitted around home, work and personal commitments
  • Allows students to organise their own schedule of training to meet their needs
  • Ensures students can take their time to understand each module fully before moving on to the next one with confidence
  • Allows time for students to make thorough notes which results in a more relaxed manner and provides a more positive learning experience
  • Online access is available 24 hours, 7 days a week allowing easy access to training around the clock and the ability to revisit any module several times to review, refresh and reinforce the learning experience
  • Great savings in time, money, transport, accommodation as well as time off work.

What will you learn (plus much more)

  • 10 Trading Strategies
  • Hands-on modules so you can take your new skills to the charts
  • Any time access, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week
  • Learn how to build winning trades
  • When not to trade
  • Where to place your stop loss orders so you don’t get stopped out


£1,497 + vat

Comprehensive on-line trading training course, including 10 powerful and proven trading strategies

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