So here we look at the Pro Trading System latest trading results and signals which you can see in the P&L section. This is the pips profit. If it is red, it’s currently in a losing trade and if it is green it is making a nice profit.  For example, the USDJPY is profit 392 pips from its signal on the 17th of December 2018. That has been a nice trade to stay in a ride the profits.

The other currency that stands out is the USDCAD on the 3rd of June 2019 we had a short signal and that is currently in profit 243 pips. The EURGBP had a signal on the 4th of June and is currently losing 43 pips which is small compared to the gains in the other trades. Always lose small and make big profits. The GBPJPY had a signal on the 30th of November and is now in profit 608 pips which is a very big move and they are the trades e want to be in. The great think about the Pro-Trading System is that it comes with a scanner, so the trade signals are found automatically for you.

The GBPAUD had a signal on the 7th June so that is a current trade signal and is already in profit 101 pips. We have new signals that have been generated in the GBPNZD and EURNZD and currently there’s no profits.  So, some very good results across the board on these major currency pairs especially the Yens pairs which had amazing short signals. The GBPUSD which is in the news a lot recently currently is flat and doing very little but I’m sure we are getting ready for a big trade.

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