Trader Of The Month- Dan Brown

When we spoke to Dan in March, he had increased his trading account by 125% in just 3 months after joining our online trading course.

Now, we’re delighted to announce that Dan’s agreed to start working with Trading College and students to help others to achieve fantastic trading results.  We are pleased to announce that Dan starts soon as a guest coach – participating in our live trading room and webinars. He will be offering support in our online trading courses.  We welcome you, Dan!

This month we met up with Dan to hear about his latest trading achievements.  Since March, Dan has significantly increased his trading account. In April alone, he made £15,000 trading profit!  Dan is a great example of a day trader who has been able to give up the day job and reach financial freedom. Throughout Dan’s journey as a student with Trading College, he has shown patience and dedication and this has resulted in consistent trading profits.

We caught up with Dan to learn the secrets to his trading success and learn more about his trading journey since March…


Congratulations again Dan – it’s great to see that you’re doing so well on your trading journey! Can you tell us more about it?

Thank you! I now consider myself a full-time day trader, trading around 25 – 30 hours a week. The bulk of my working week is making my day’s money trading the early morning moves. I’m happy to say that my trading is going exceptionally well and I’ve been making a huge profit every month! I still manage properties on the side as well because it’s a great passive income stream.

My main source of income comes from day trading the financial markets. Occasionally, I’ll swing trade if I spot a great trading opportunity. I started with a £10,000 trading account in December. In March and April, there was great volatility in the markets which created very profitable trades. In March, I made £13,000 profit and in April, I made £15,000 profit.

One of my most memorable trading days was when I was playing golf with friends. I made £1500 with a few shorts on the Dow Jones and Forex pair, GBPJPY! I set up my levels in the morning before my round, and then managed my trades on my phone. That’s the great thing about mobile trading, I can still earn money on the go. It was actually Friday the 13th – it certainly wasn’t unlucky for me!


That’s impressive! What does a typical day look like for you now?

In the morning, I wake up and check my charts to look at the early morning movements. I then prepare for the trading day by setting up my positions and alarms on my mobile phone. After this, I take my kids to school and I’m back in time to tune into the Live Trading Room and confirm my analysis, find other trading opportunities, and trade alongside the other coaches and students.

After the Live Trading Room, I usually hit the weights, go to the gym or play golf. If I can, I try to trade the US trading session in the afternoon before picking up my kids from school. Occasionally I check my trades at night too. If I’m out and about, I set alerts on my phone. These days, everyone always has their phones on them – especially me, with managing properties and day trading, I always have my mobile handy.

Learn to trade with guest trading coach Dan Brown


I tend to trade Monday to Thursday and occasionally on Fridays if I see a profitable trade opportunity setting up then I won’t miss it. I won’t look at my charts or trade after 11 am on Fridays because I tend to spend quality time with my family then.


Lovely. How have your trading results changed since we last spoke to you?

When I last spoke to you in March, I was earning around £3,500 – £4,000 profit a month. I started with a £10,000 trading account and it had increased by about 125% from December to February. Now, I’m earning around £13,000 to £15,000 profit a month so my profit has tripled and quadrupled in the last few months!

My trading goal is to consistently hit my trading targets. I have good weeks and months, and of course, like with any ‘job’ there will be bad days too. With trading as my main source of income, I can exceed my previous salary ‘working’ half of the number of hours and I have so much more freedom! I now have uncapped earning potential.

My main trading goal is to consistently increase my income and profit. I want to be able to afford my lifestyle and have financial freedom well into retirement. My ultimate goal is to buy a chateau in France. I enjoy travelling. In the Easter holidays, my family and I went to the South of France and it was paid for through my trading profit!

How have your profits increased so significantly?

Over the last few months, my confidence has increased and I know that I can execute my chosen Trading College strategies well. I have better knowledge of risk management too so I am able to up my pip risk to 5-8 pips per pound.  I just follow my strategies and let it play out and watch it become profitable – it’s that simple! I’ve mostly focused on two core Trading College strategies and I have so much confidence and faith in these strategies. I’m excited to help other students learn these incredible strategies when I am coaching.

My trading plan is pretty set in stone now and I reread it on a daily basis to instill discipline. The goal is to make £400 – £500 a day and anything beyond that is great. My trading plan reminds me to follow the plan and practice good money management.

Since joining Trading College as a student in December 2017, I have learned an incredible amount. Now I know how to manage my risk better. I’m loving it, I’ve had an amazing journey I am hoping and willing it to keep continuing. I’m still learning, I’m always learning and now I’m excited to share my knowledge with other traders.

I love the Live Trading Room, chat room, and alerts. It’s great to bounce ideas around and to receive that instant response from other students and the trading coaches. My brother has recently joined the Pro-Trader Programme too off of my recommendation and is really looking forward to his trading journey with Trading College!