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I’m going to talk about a currency pair that I think is going to have a nice run again starting today. But before we do that, I’m going to just go through the Pro-Trading System results on the weekly charts. On the left-hand side are the currency pairs with the P&L on the right. If its red it’s down, and if it’s a green number you will see the amount of profits in points/pips. 

Once again, we are seeing some very nice profits. Some of these trades were taken as much as 13 weeks ago, and you can see that they are still trending nicely. The losing trades are small losses, like 76, 56, 5, 12, 13 pips down. Then, the big profits are 437 pips in the EURGBP in 13 weeks. GBPJPY is in profit 545 pips. So, if you were long this trade at £5 per point you would be in profit £2,725 in just this trade. The top currency we have been concentrating on is the Pound and as you can see from the profits, this has been ideal.

When we set up these weekly charts, it’s not about being too active. We don’t want to be doing too much, i.e. we don’t want to be over managing these trades. One of the biggest problems new traders face is that they get their stop too tight and they end up choking the trade before it takes off.

Here’s GBPAUD at 863 pips profit now. If you were long this market, let’s say you were long £10, you’d be making £8,630.  If you’re doing it with a £1 a point in a spread betting account, you’d be up £863 profit. Very nice indeed for doing very little.  

GBPCAD is making 575 pips profit, GBPCHF 491 pips profit, GBPJPY 545 pips profit, and GBPNZD 934 pips profit. This has been an excellent and fun trade to be in, and it’s this one that I want to talk about.

The chart below shows the Pro-Trading System, like we have on all our charts. The weekly chart is still green which means the buyers are in control. On Friday we also had a Trend Predictor long, which means we should be looking for long trades this week. With another 100 pips profit yesterday, we are focusing on the long side in this pair as the weekly is green and bullish.

So, it looks like our 934 pips profit on this trade is only just the start of this move. Even if the daily turns red on the Pro-Trading System, we will be watching the daily to turn back to green short after.

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