Pro-Trading System

The Ultimate Signal Charting Software With Full Training

Looking for a profitable trading system that will automatically tell you when to buy, where to place your stop loss and where to take your profits? The Pro-Trading System does everything for you so anyone can trade the markets successfully.

It is simple to follow and suitable for all levels of traders.

Introduction to the Pro-Trading System

Why Use The Pro-Trading System?

2 - Comparison PTS and normal charts

Not only will you receive this fantastic trading system, but also an online video course from our state of the art learning hub.

Get closer to your trading goals and let the Pro-Trading System do the hard work for you.

Pro-Trading system P&L November 2017

Look at the swing trading profits for all the forex markets in November – For example the USDJPY made 150 pips in 15 days, GBPCAD made a profit of 437 pips in 11 days and at £5 per point that be £2,185 profit for you. Also, the AUDJPY made a profit of 284 pips in 26 days and at £5 per point that would be £1,420 into your account. These are all trades that would bring in extra income while holding down a full time job.

What’s Included?

 Trading College proprietary Pro-Trading System for forex, commodities, indices, cryptocurrency trading


  • Pro-Trading System
  • Pro-Trading System Screener (Compatible with ProRealTime only)
  • Pro-Storyteller Indicator
  • Pro-MACD Indicator
  • Pro-OBS Indicator
  • Complete online training
  • Email tutor support
  • Technical set up session

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Trading Software and Online Training Programme

Ultimate Charting Software

See the trade signals using our proprietary software available only at Trading College

The Pro-Trading System

Live ‘Trade from Charts’ Technology

Scan Markets in SECONDS

Instantly Scans The Markets In Seconds For Trade Signals

Spots Trade Set Ups

36 FOREX feeds and 8000 stock symbols giving you a comprehensive look at current trade setups

Bespoke System

Customise, organise and save your charts in workspaces for easier analysis designed just for you

Know What To Do, When And Where

Our signals software defines your entry price, stop loss order and profit targets so there is no need for guess work.

How To Trade Using The Pro-Trading System

Pro-Trading System Results!

Let the Pro-Trading System do the hard work for you - ONLY £3596.80 incVAT (Interest free instalments available - enquire for details)

James Hanson

I honestly feel for the first time in a while that I have a system and a set of rules in place to find consistency and ultimately make good money from trading the markets.
Your teaching has been fantastic and I couldn’t have asked for a better introduction to both Trading College and the PTS.
Thanks again for everything, I even wrote down the tips you kindly shared with Dad and myself.
I look forward to future Trading College events and courses!
Kind Regards,

Alpa Ubbi

” Out of all the tools available in today’s society, I have found the Pro-Trading System (PTS) to have been the most sophisticated software available.
The state of art technology is superb. Just by using the Storyteller alone is well worth the investment, not to mention the fact that the PTS is yours for life.
They say “To be successful, one must study from those who are successful in the field you want to succeed in.” This is the fastest way to succeed.
From my own personal experience Lee Sandford and his excellent team have exceeded and gone beyond my expectations. I have found Trading College to be a great investment in my future and would urge everyone who is sitting on the fence to get the PTS, have the faith and believe that you too can be successful.
Get the PTS, Join the Mentorship course, join the Live Trading Room, believe me it’s worth every penny.”

Nick Goodbourne

”What a lot I’ve learnt, wish I had the time to do this before.”

Martin L

”Excellent course. The system is clear and simple to operate, even for beginners. The system allows beginners to trade using very black and white procedures, thereby minimising the chances of error. 10/10”

Monica Mangion

“I am having a ball now I am retired with time at last to take up lots of new activities I was too busy to do before. One of the best things I ever did was learn how to trade the markets through a company called Trading College. Being an retired teacher I can honestly say it is one of the best education I have received. I have been helped every step of the way and managed
to supplement my pension by just spending just a few hours a week watching the markets before deciding whether or not to put on a trade. With some very successful results it has been a real boost to my income. I would recommend Trading College as the people who run it are so supportive and helpful and want you to succeed. It is a great way to make money and its fun too!”

Jason O

”Having previously traded using trend analysis, the Pro-Trading System makes everything so much easier.”

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