Pro-Trader Programme

Monday Nights


Every Monday evening 7pm – 8pm (BST) join our coaches via webinar for live trading, market signals scanning, education and Q and A sessions. Our coaches scan the markets with you for the next trades setting up. Whether, you trade Forex, Commodities or Equities we will review the charts and teach you powerful trading strategies. As always we are totally transparent using real trading accounts, with real money right in front of you!

Every session is recorded so you can play back in your own time.

Wednesday Nights Q&A


Join us again on Wednesday evenings via webinar as we answer your questions and support you all the way. This is a great chance to update you and show you how we are managing the trades previously taken. Watch how we setup the entry, stop and profit targets  and show you the strategy used. We will do more scanning, trading and conduct Technical Analysis in LIVE MARKETS with you. See what you are learning put into action by fully qualified Technical Analysts live each week from 7pm-8pm (BST).

Every session is recorded so you can play back in your own time.

Beginner Course

Apprentice Trader


As a Pro-Trader student, you will receive access to our online course, Apprentice Trader. The Apprentice Trader course comes in 7 modules – The Mechanics of Trading, Trading & Investing, Brokerage, Charts & Candlesticks, Psychology and Money Management, Elliott Waves & Fibonacci Level and Indicators.

You will have lifetime access to your course and you are able to complete it in your own time on any smart device.

What is the Pro-Trader Programme?


We are pleased to announce the launch of a brand new way of educating. We have been working hard to deliver a membership that provides students with high quality content, strategies education and a fantastic support system that is affordable and most importantly, gets great trading results… Bring on the Pro-Trader Programme!

  • Monthly payments (cancel anytime!)
  • Scanning the markets live twice a week with professional traders Mondays and Wednesdays 7pm – 8pm (BST), setting up trades, Q&A sessions and bonus education
  • Apprentice Trader Online course in our learning hub
  • Trading College Membership

 Is Our Pro-Trader Programme For You?

 If you want to watch live trading and learn from professional traders, who have educated hundreds of students across the globe… this programme is right for you!

On Monday evenings, you will have access to our Swing Club Signals and Educational Webinar which has already produced great results. We recently banked over 100 pips in GBPJPY trade in just 3 days! This winning signal and strategy was discussed in detail on a recent webinar. On Wednesday Webinars, we will be scanning the markets again, followed by a Questions & Answers session.

The Pro-Trader Programme is all about making trading as easy as possible for you to learn. Our coaches use their real accounts, place real trades, and use their real money on every session with you! So you know exactly what they are doing and why.

Everyone also gets our Apprentice Trader Course so you can start this programme with no trading experience.

It is exciting for us to say – this could give you the tools you need to change your life.

£345 Per Month


The Pro-Trading Programme is easy to join. It works on a rolling monthly subscription so all you have to do now is simply make your first month’s payment using the form below and you’ll receive access to the evening live trading rooms and learning hub free course and bonuses!

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Pro-Trader Programme

Pay Monthly
  • Apprentice Trader Course 
  • Trading College Membership
  • Monday Night Live Market Scanning, Set Ups and Q & A

  • Wednesday Night Live Market Scanning, Set Ups and Q & A
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Swing Club

Are you a swing trader?

Join our Swing Club on Monday evenings where we scan the markets looking for set ups and discuss our trades

Ask our coaches questions to aid your understanding

Technical Analysis

Our coaches are Technical Analysts – they trade by analysis the charts. This means that there is a reason behind each and every trade they take. They follow highly probable strategies which have been back tested time and time again and each month are consistently profitable increasing their trading accounts by 20% or more. Every Wednesday evening you get the chance to learn Technical Analysis yourself from the best.

Monthly BONUS

Every month you stay on the Pro-Trader Programme you will receive bonus material from our coaches

Free Course

For July ONLY receive our Apprentice Trader Course FREE to celebrate the launch of the Pro-Trading Programme!

5 Reasons Why You Should Join Our Pro-Trading Programme

1. We have successfully helped hundreds of students become consistent traders.

2. With affordable monthly payments and no minimum term, you have full flexibility in your training

3. The sooner you join, the closer you are to achieving your trading goals.

4. You can watch successful traders scanning the markets live and setting up trades giving you the opportunity to earn whilst you learn.

5. Be taught by fully STA qualified coaches who are all professional traders and have been through the same journey you have.

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