GBP – Big moves coming

After an incredible Monday with all the news out regarding Brexit, we now have the Storyteller indicator in a low volatility mode. This means we are due a round of volatility at any moment.



The Dollar has been strong today but the EURUSD still doesn’t have a new red PTS to confirm the short side trade. If we see one then wave 5 will be under way.



We are holding a symmetrical triangle but it’s the Storyteller indicator that is mainly telling me the story. Get ready for a move.

DAX Daily

We would love to short this market but as we stand the US indices are helping the Dax higher. Once we see weakness in the US we will look for red PTS short signals.

Gold Daily

The bounce was short lived and now we see a new red PTS to short. Targets are lined up.



PTS targets are lined up above the pirce. The double top is the only thing that can stop those being reached.

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