Is there a potential 300 – 400 point huge market movement coming?

The world awoke to historical images of Trump and Kim shaking hands. ”The world will see some major changes” says Mr Kim. We are interested in the how this new development might affect the markets as time goes on. Will we see a huge market movement? We will be following our Pro-Trading System signals and trading plans as per norm and will be on the lookout for some big, profitable movements!

Today’s Market Update

In today’s market update, we’re looking at the EURUSD. We’re edging closer to the end of wave 4 pullback and a potential 300-400 point drop from there. Watch the video to see the system signals and the turning points on the Euro.

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EURUSD Daily Chart

We are still in a wave 4 pull back on the EURUSD and the way it has been trading this morning we could see higher prices with a move up to 119.12 which is a Pro-Trading System target. From there we could see the start of the wave 5 push down which would take prices below 1:15. At that wave 4 turning point, we will set up the Pro-Trading System entry, stops, and targets. We wait for a signal.

EURUSD Sentiment

You can see that retail traders are 53% net long, but traders are less net-long than Friday and compared with last week. Price could continue higher as our PTS indicates.

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