New Signals in GBPUSD. Big moves coming for GBP.

 As we do this update the Pro-Trading System is signalling new short signals in GBPUSD and EURUSD. A closed red candlestick will confirm the next wave down. With flat Storyteller indicator signals on several markets we could see swift moves with increased volatility coming soon.


We had a weekly trend predictor down signal for this week and its paid off nicely with the 4 hour breaking trend lines. We are now getting a red PTS short signal but we need to wait for that to confirm later tonight.


We also had a Weekly trend predictor short in this market and we have seen lower prices this week.

Dow Daily

The Dow is holding up with the Pro-Trading System next target 25063.

FTSE Daily

We have a very flat Storyteller indicator signal. Get ready for some wild moves in this market.

Gold Daily

Continues to drop but we are sitting right at a support area.


We have seen an explove move higher with the next target of 11307 cose by.

Crude Oil Weekly

We have been warning you about the 3 wave divergence on the Weekly chart. We saw a big drop in this market yesterday which could prove to be a deep correction.

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