March’s Trader Of The Month – Mentorship Programme


200 Pips Profit A Week


This month, we had several nominations for Trader Of The Month. We managed to narrow it down to two finalists and have decided to choose both as our Traders Of The Month! Both finalists are Trading College students and have seen great trading success since joining their courses. In this article, we have interviewed Mentorship student Natalia Savelyeva to learn more about her trading journey and how she consistently makes 200 pips profit a week. The other finalist, Dan Brown is a Pro-Trader Programme student and you can read his story here.

Natalia is a 36-year-old model from St Petersburg, Russia who has been living in London for 15 years. She came to the UK to attend acting school and study drama. Her career background was primarily focused on drama, singing, and modelling. Natalia has been involved in several theatre productions, modeling work and reality TV. Natalia shares with us how she went from modelling to trading the financial markets!

Mentorship student Natalia learn to trade online

Hi Natalia, congratulations on being awarded a Trader Of The Month! How did you end up going from performing arts to trading the financial markets?

Thank you! When I turned 30, I thought it was time to do something else. A friend of mine introduced me to Trading College in 2012 and I was a complete beginner. I attended a course with Trading College which was great, but I decided to try and do my own thing after completing the course. Unfortunately, I didn’t always follow the strategies I had been taught and was making a lot of mistakes. Although my trading did improve as my experience increased, I was still inconsistent and couldn’t rely on my own trading ability. I needed to give trading another go, and properly this time by joining the Mentorship Programme. I met with Lee and discussed how different strategies suit different personalities – it all just clicked in my head then. My journey could have been a lot faster if I had stayed in education and joined the Mentorship straight away!

My Mentorship has been entirely bespoke to my needs. We worked together on finding a strategy that suited me, my goals and personality and we found it. I jumped on it and felt it was something I could do!


How often do you trade?

I’m a full-time trader and it’s been great! I started my Mentorship at the beginning of 2018, and already it has been great as Lee has helped me find a way to make trading work for me.

I trade to bring in my primary income and I’m lucky to enjoy it too! Before the Mentorship, it was quite nerve-wracking. In the past, I have blown out a couple of trading accounts because I wasn’t sure what I was doing and I didn’t have the education. It’s now all changed since joining the Mentorship, it has taken away all of the pressure. You become so much more confident when you know what you’re doing and you follow your strategy.


What’s the key to your success?

I now stick to one strategy which works for me. It brings me over 200 pips profit a week consistently. I am now consistently profitable… what I’m trying to say is for all the traders out there, there are lots of different strategies and different personalities. You need to find one that suits you, really suits you and that you can resonate with. One that makes you feel comfortable trading. It changed my whole life. I suddenly don’t have the pressure or the stress, and I know exactly what I’m doing. I can sleep at night confident knowing I am earning a profit and I can now plan my finances ahead of time. It really is life changing having found the strategy with Lee, that works for me. Also, money management is absolutely paramount!


What’s your advice to other traders?

Pick a strategy and get really good at it. Don’t confuse yourself by trying to learn and use too many strategies at once. I used to do that. I used to take too many trades and I didn’t understand what I was doing. Learn from your mistakes and other traders’ mistakes too. So that’s my advice… pick a strategy and get really good at it.


What are your goals for the future?

take trading courses to achieve financial freedomI want to rely solely on trading and be able to buy a new car and a new house rather than renting. The usual stuff… the financial freedom and I now feel that this is possible with trading.


Would you recommend Trading College?

I already have – a few of my friends have already studied there and I would definitely continue to recommend Trading College. The most useful part of the Mentorship Programme is being able to spend time in the Live Trading Room trading alongside Lee and the Mentorship meetings and 1:1 sessions! The whole experience. Lee is a brilliant trader and he’s been doing it for so long. It’s great to pick up advice and insight from him – the more we can learn, the better! I’m very active in the Live Trading Room and it makes me feel confident. It’s nice to have feedback and a community of traders supporting each other and bouncing around ideas – it’s very helpful!

If I can learn to trade, anyone can do it. I have absolutely no background in finance – I’m an actress! I decided that I wanted to learn how to trade and I’m doing well. Keep disciplined and motivated and you will achieve great things!

Well done Natalia from everyone at the Trading College team!