What Is The Mighty Momentum Trigger Trading Strategy?

One of my favourite and go to strategies for day trading the markets is the Momentum Trigger. Its simplicity and process make it truly ‘mighty’ for any trader that is struggling to make a profit. A simple strategy for all levels of trader experienced or otherwise. When I made the move from swing trader to day trader some years back, the Momentum Trigger became a firm favourite and no matter if I was looking to go long or short, with the trend or counter trend, it just works to yield fantastic returns.

How Day Traders Can Recognize The Momentum Trigger

As a Day Trader I find the daily or 4 hr bias of a particular market in that session and wait for the Momentum Triggers to fire in my chosen direction. The signal for entry is a small histogram breaking above or below the zero line on the Storyteller. For shorts a red dot and red histogram.
For longs a green dot green histogram signifies entry alongside setting the risk parameters for your stop and profit target. 

Once the momentum trigger fires on average the next 5-8 histograms continue in the same direction until the move or wave is statistically at saturation point.

All you have to do it take one chart on any timescale and expand it to see how many instances of 20,30 and 40+ Pips opportunities arise following the Momentum Trigger strategy.

Make Setting Up Alerts Part Of Your Day Trading Routine

I like to get alerts to Momentum Trigger opportunities in two ways. Firstly I will establish the daily bias on the markets in my day trade list and then set alarms to fire off on the break of the StoryTeller zero line on the intraday timeframes 15minutes, 1hour and 4hour charts.


The second way I like to find Momentum Trigger setups is to use the Trading College Screener which is great for saving time and for giving alerts on other markets that are not in my day trade list, expanding my opportunities to trade.

For consistent results and a defined and clear entry strategy the Momentum Trigger is an essential addition to the profitable traders trading pan.

Take the First Step Toward Your New Trading Career

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