Markets still at resistance areas

The EURUSD is still inside a Symmetrical Triangle, but we have a Red Pro-Trading System signal closed and confirmed. Stock Indices keep pushing higher into resistance areas, and USDJPY is at a big resistance level as well. With our 240min timeframe showing more and more confirmation in the expected direction, we are still waiting for our Pro-Trading System signal. Could this be our next big swing trade?


We are still inside a Symmetrical Triangle on Daily Timeframe, with a new buy Pro-Trading System signal confirmed. Do we see the Pro-Storyteller indicator down for Momentum push in direction of Pro-Trading System Signal?


We have to wait for Red PTS to trade in Weekly direction, but take caution in position size as we have a big loss of momentum to the downside.


We are still at support levels on the daily timeframe. Wait for Green PTS for continuation to the upside.

Dow Daily

The Dow is at major resistance levels. Look intraday for potential reversals.

DAX Daily

We need to see how we close on the weekly for direction in this market.

Gold Daily

With the Trend Predictor starting to fire a long signal on this timeframe, let us see if we get follow through in this direction for a pop up higher.

Crude Oil Daily

Coming into resistance levels to the upside on this markets. Intraday timeframes we are losing momentum to the upside, which means we could get our Red PTS on the Daily timeframe to trade in direction of weekly Divergence.

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