Markets coming into Resistance areas

There are some markets coming into resistance areas. The EURUSD still needs some direction, Stock Indices are mostly around resistance areas, and USDJPY at big resistance level as well. If we see this level being respected, we wait for our PTS signal and could potentially see a huge profit if we get our signal.


We are still inside a Symmetrical Triangle on Daily Timeframe, with no clear direction yet. Sideways and sloppy. Let’s see what ECB press conference news will provide to this currency pair.

We have to wait for Red PTS to trade in Weekly direction, otherwise, we need to wait for StoryTeller to change Momentum to start looking for longs.


We are currently in a pullback right at major resistance levels on the daily timeframe. Wait for Green PTS for continuation to the upside.

Dow Daily

The Dow is at major resistance levels. Look intraday for potential reversals.

DAX Daily

Do we see a fakeout breakout in this market?

Gold 240min

Still making higher highs and higher lows. Need to break above 1235 for confirmation of potential Wave 3 to the upside.

Crude Oil Daily

Coming into resistance levels to the upside on this markets. Wait for Red PTS to trade in direction of weekly Divergence.

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