Market Outlook into 2021 – Dax, Bitcoin, and Gold Trades

What a volatile day it was yesterday so Lee dives into the market outlook for the next 2 months and into 2021.

Hi guys, Lee here from training college with your free market update. We’re gonna take a look at the crazy day yesterday, and I’m going to show you where I think the stock market indices are going to be going for the rest of the year and for 2021. So we’re going to do a bit of a deep dive on this video. I just want to say also, thank you so much for anybody. That’s actually emailed into my private email inbox, you know, just wishing, uh, myself and my family all the best that we actually did a contract, the COVID virus. Uh, we’re coming out the other end now. Uh, but probably as you can hear from my voice still a little bit croaky, but all is good. I just want to say thank you to everybody. That’s I’ve emailed myself personally or into the company. Thank you very much.


Okay, so let’s take a look at the German Dax. Now we had a buy signal on the backs around this area here on pro trading system. You see 12,000 to, to, to, um, actually banked a nice 28 grand profit on this yesterday. Um, and we’ll tell you why our banked, all of it, and I’m not letting the rest of it run. Um, it’s because I think we’re losing a little bit of momentum. Um, I think that this bicycle and the Dax, you know, met first target a 13 to five five, which is, you know, a greater bank to lovely profit, and we could go higher. We could go higher, but I think today is a pretty crucial day. And, um, for the rest of this week, to be honest, um, the NASDAQ sailed sold off. And I want to show you what I was looking for there, uh, before the actual sell off.


But we know we’re pushing nicely, a higher here on the Dax, but you’ve got to go to the bigger timeframes. I think there’s storms ahead, guys. I really do. Um, here’s the, the Dax, as it’s given us a buyer signal in the weekly this week, but we haven’t confirmed cause it’s not the end of the week yet. So this is only valid if it closes on Friday. Um, and then on the monthly chart, you know, it’s, it’s, it looks all right, everything looks fine with the Dax. It’s not too bad, nice and dandy. Really. It’s all bullish. It’s it’s looking all right. But if we start do a deep dive into, um, the likes of the NASDAQ, this get that up and it’s sold off really hard yesterday and people are saying, well, why did the NASDAQ set off? Why does it stand off to die?


Um, well we had a, we had a big two wave here, uh, where the storyteller made a lower high when we broke higher and we had a big, big self that yellow canvas steak is a big, big sell off guys. And, you know, we were the vaccine news that came out yesterday, which is all positive. Nobody needs to buy from Amazon anymore, or nobody needs to stay and watch Netflix, I think, and a lot of tech startups got beaten up because of it. But if we go deeper into it as well and start to push into the bigger, I cannot help, but look at the storyteller because the storyteller tells the story and it tells the story of the bigger picture. And as we have this double top here on the NASDAQ, the storyteller is much lower. We haven’t got the yellow lines in quite yet, but we could certainly say a major drop in the NASDAQ because of this loss of momentum that’s going on here.


And if we start to look at the likes of the dowel as well, if we look at the Dow, you know, we’ve still got this three wave that’s going on here as well on the Dow. And more importantly for a bigger timeframe, look at this, and I’m talking about a monster move again, just like the one with COVID in February. As we continue to make higher highs, as we make a higher high yesterday on, you know, we had a pro trend system by one, two, three, four, five months ago, as we continue to make higher highs here, look at the storyteller down below the yellow lines have now kicked in. That is a warning sign for lawns on balls. On the Dow Jones, it created a one, a two, a three lower, low, lower highs as price made higher highs for the COVID drop. I mean, we went from 28,000 to 18,000 virtually, which is a huge move.

And if you look back at the videos from that period, I was suddenly short the market and I’m some crazy profits, their downside, but now is your opportunity. Again, if you miss that move in the first place we’ve got now a fourth wave in play, fourth waves are like Armageddon guys. Fourth waves has price makes a new hire are catastrophic for any market. Don’t matter what timeframe you’re trade in, where it’s a five minute chart or a monthly. So the outlook is that yes, we might go a little bit higher up to this trendline, which is around 20, 30,500 on the Dow Jones, but then it’s all over. It’s going to roll over and we could have a much bigger move. It’s exciting time if you’re a trader. Okay. So looking at the Dow Jones, it is given us those huge warning signs. Um, and if you look at the NASDAQ, we’re very extended.


The weekly is also as again, you know, we’ve got the, the two waves coming down, but with the German, with the German decks, we haven’t quite got those, um, three waves in play. Now, if we do make a, a high break here above 13,500, we will have a line coming in here, which we are to wave low. Um, so I’m watching that really carefully. I think you’ve got to get your mindset right here. This could be, you know, life-changing trades for, you could be one of the, some of the most biggest trays that you’ve ever taken. And, um, we’re sitting at that point now, uh, where it could all kick off. All right. So watching the NASDAQ, that’s obviously a market that at the moment is leading this download potential, but we haven’t had the Dow as of Tuesday, while I’m doing this video start to drop.


That’s why I’m out of that 28 grand profit trade on the backs. I think it’s vulnerable. And I think, you know, banking up profit. Let’s see what the next move is. All right. All right. Now what about the, the likes of, um, you know, sort of look at the, the NICU as well while we’re here and that’s pretty bullish that sort of lovely move, hire someone look at the monthly, well, the monthly, you can say I’m not a, um, a Nikkei trader, but you can see that these, the lines have kicked in. You know, I can see straight away as I do my analysis, the automated lines on the storyteller kick in straight away as we make brand new hires, we’re sort of, we’re giving ourselves, you know, it’s not going up with the momentum that we want, so it’s vulnerable for a major correction.


So watch out, um, on that now, um, let’s take a little look. I want to go and have a little look at this small caps as well. This is the Russell 2000 in the US and we’ve, uh, once again, confirmed we’re down low as price makes a new hire. So this really does look like a topping partum for me. Um, I see a hire, I say a new hire record higher, and I see a record low of the storyteller. Um, it’s, it’s exciting times, I think, as a trader, I mean this big, huge rejection yesterday, we met profit targets highs on the weekly and the small cap here. I mean, that is, uh, uh, one hell of a sort of shooting star candle, state, may profit target of, uh, one seven, seven, four, which is really nice and lower highs on the storyteller. It’s a big day to day as well.


But I think the story is, is this a higher that we need to be concerned on with Anne? I think absolutely. We certainly need to be watching this because as I said, it could be some huge moves coming down the line. Now we’ve got, um, uh, you know, I’ve got some people talking about gold yesterday at a huge moved down, obviously with the vaccine coming out with the good news, the dollar started to go higher and we saw gold go lower, huge move over a hundred point, move down on gold. Could we have seen this coming? Absolutely. And our members did here with our pro trader program. Uh, everybody that gets the trend predictor signals here, which was the red candle stick. I mean up the red arrow, the red arrow here telling us that the next week will be a down week and we’ve got a down week haven’t we?

So we’re pretty much unless the gold turns around and finishes higher this down candle stick was incredible. So I just got a call from the NHS. Um, when you get COVID, you get so many telephone calls, um, track and trace and, and all sorts. Anyway. Um, so we had a trend predictor red arrow, uh, down for this week. So the gold certainly was on our radar that this market me personally, I wasn’t sure this, um, I was not particularly concentrating on gold, but I know a few of our members got this beautiful move down from yesterday. And if you take a little look at the one hour timeframe and a really nice signal, um, gold, that that weekly would start to kick in because if you look at the storyteller, look how many lower highs it was making as it’s making higher highs on price on the one hour chart.


And then it literally got a pro trend system sales signal, and then thing just collapsed just over a hundred points, which was, uh, a great move. So combining the one hour and the weekly chart, you know, you’ve really got some nice signals right there. And that’s what I think with the Dow, with the Dow on, uh, on, uh, you know, that weekly timeframe and that monthly with those three ways, very similar to that set up there on a one hour chart. Um, so gold, you know, really thinking about, you know, maybe even more downside gold, um, we’ve got that red PTs cell signal that see if we can get that from, and now one market, which I hope you’re long. And if you’re not, why not is Bitcoin. And I know this is a controversial of seed market, but we have had some beautiful buyer signals.


Now I’d particularly trade Bitcoin on the weekly chart with our systems. Now you can see here, I think Bitcoin in 2021 is going to be the star of the show, but I don’t think if you’re not long Bitcoin at the moment, I think we’re going to have a decent sized correction where you could get long this market. If you look at the weekly chart here, look at the bias signals. The bicycle is from a red to a green. You get that buyer signal. Last one was at 10, nine, six, one hits pretty much every time you haven’t hit the 16 three, two, two target, but I think it will do, but I think we are ju uh, at the end of this cycle, another buy opportunity, because I think we are doing another pullback. I think we’re going to see some reds and the reds.


Aren’t the sell signals for the protein system. Now I’m not going to short Bitcoin. I’m going to look for new greens as well to add to long trades. All right. So this is a lovely move up. I think we’re going to get some reds. Then we’re going to get some new greens on the pro train system. Now from a longer projection of Bitcoin. I think this is where, um, we could be going. I think this is a wave one. I think this is a way to, this is one too. And I think we’re into wave three now of three. So 18,027,000. And I think when we do some more projections, I think we could be up to 45,000 in Bitcoin. And, um, so I’m going to be watching how that progress is over the coming year, weeks and months, certainly on our pro trader program course and, uh, trading room and updates.


We’ll be doing this, keep an eye on this because I think this could be an absolute monster move. I think we’ve got monster moves potentially coming down the line on the stock market indices. I think we’ve got monster moves coming in the Bitcoin. Um, I think it’s a really exciting time to be trading these markets and maybe, you know, the tech market that’s had such a great bull market, a such a great run. You know, if you look at the NASDAQ, I mean, what are the incredible bull market it’s been, um, with, with the, with coronavirus and with the, um, the vaccine potentially, and it’s still early days being rolled out, um, that I think maybe we do need a deepest sized correction. And I think, I think it’s, it’s a great time. And I think with the three wave on the weekly, this could certainly end up being, you know, we could be down to the likes of 10,000 to start with and 9,000, but the pro trend system will protect those profit targets.


And we shall say this nice new psych old cycle in which you another move down. All right. And I think if you’re trading the Dow, you’re talking thousands, thousands of points move down. We just need to see that confirmation that we get that those moves down, uh, and that the dowel really does start to give us a red pro train system. So we don’t listen to anybody else. We don’t listen really, uh, with due respect to commentators out there, all we’re looking for is the sell signals on the PTs. And that’s what keeps us safe at the moment. On the doubt, even though the outlook is, um, an interesting one, uh, we, we do not short it until we get a signal light that red PTs will confirm that. And so our timing can be absolutely spot on. All right. So that’s market update with, um, the indexes guys, gold and Bitcoin, and that is going to be a very exciting time, I think now for the rest of this year, um, and good luck with your trading, as I said, thank you very much for all your client wishes, uh, um, next week, hopefully if I’m a 100% fit and next week I’ll be doing, uh, learn trade live online for two evenings, which is Tuesday and the Wednesday.


So make sure you sign up for that, speak to you soon, take care, and don’t forget to subscribe to the YouTube channel here. Guys hit the subscribe button below this video, and you will get notifications on the next trading update updates. So I’ll speak to you soon. Guys, take care, hit that subscribe button, and I’ll speak to you soon. Take care.


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