This is an important update as stock indices are entering bear market territory.

Gold didn’t reverse but we are seeing a major trading signal and chart pattern in the Dow that could last years. Remember that time back in 2008 when the Dow entered its bear market? You may well of missed that huge drop in the indices when we also went into a recession. Well, here is your chance again. We are seeing a major chart pattern and PTS signal that occurred in Gold, Indices and Bitcoin that could trend for years. Don’t miss this opportunity.

EURUSD daily

It’s still green on the PTS and holding this wave 4 pullback. We want to see a red PTS for more short side trades. Otherwise, we will continue to grind higher.


Same as the EURUSD. This market does not want to sell off yet so we can see more upside price action.

Trend Predictor weekly short signal is still in play here so we could see some down side action.

Dow Daily

We now have a Weekly PTS signal but it is not confirmed. If we confirm on Friday this is the pattern and signal we have been waiting for.

DAX Daily

Prices continue to drop lower with PTS targets being met.
Gold Daily

No reveresal just more downside.
We could be starting a wave 3 so look for breaks below key support levels.
We look for higher prices into the 5th wave then a good drop. IG Client base is net short so we could see more upside.
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