Bollinger, Sandford & Hansén – Technical Analysis Experts

Trading College founder Lee Sandford is speaking at two of the largest IG conferences. He will be in Oslo on Tuesday 22nd May and on Thursday 24th Mayin Stockholm. Lee will be joining trading and technical analysis experts, Erik Hansén and John Bollinger. Together, they will be sharing practical trading techniques. As professional CFD traders and experts in their respective fields, they will be delivering valuable insight and knowledge on how to become better traders.

The conferences are a chance for traders to meet experienced and professional traders. They will discover new practical trading methods from three experts. The traders can connect with other like-minded and driven traders.

John Bollinger will be talking about his highly popular technical analysis technique, Bollinger Bands. He will also be sharing his trading techniques. Lee Sandford will be focusing on trading with Fibonacci Symmetry and Fibonacci extension tool, combining stochastic and the MACD indicator for day trading strategies. He will also share how to set up major turning points and profit targets in the market. Helping traders to capitalise on excellent risk-reward trades. Interesting ‘buy’ and ‘sell’ opportunities and trading strategies will be shared by Erik Hansén.

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