Luisa Walker – August’s Trader of the Month

Meet Luisa. Luisa is a full time Mum to her two lovely daughters and she lives in the beautiful Cotswolds. After a successful Media career in London and Australia, Luisa was looking for a way to earn an income without compromising the time spent with her girls.   A few months ago, whilst talking with an old friend, Luisa learnt about the potential of trading. It seemed ideal – it was flexible, you could work from home and choose your own hours, and she had a recommendation where to learn, Trading College. Luisa’s friend was doing so well, they were just about to give up their job and trade full time!   Luisa attended Learn to Trade Live and is now a few months into the Pro-Trader Programme. Juggling Motherhood, family life and studying has been hard work, but Luisa’s dream of giving her daughter’s a strong role model and being able to work and be a full-time mum is close to becoming a reality.
Luisa is August’s Trader of the Month and it has been a pleasure getting to know her. We spoke a few days ago to find out more…   Congratulations Luisa! Tell us about yourself! I’m originally from the Cotswolds, where we now live, but have spent most of the last 20 years in and around London working in the media industry as a media sales professional and as a media planner. Most recently, my husband and I spent 6 years living in Perth, Western Australia, where I also worked in media, and returned to the UK in 2017 to be closer to family. Given that the media industry is predominantly London focused, I have stepped out of this for the time being and now look after our two young daughters full time. They’re 2 and (nearly) 5, which keeps me pretty busy! My husband and I still really miss Australia and it is likely that we might head back Down Under at some point.   When you started learning with Trading College were you completely new to trading? I was completely new! I had never traded before or even opened a brokerage account. I hadn’t looked at charts or ever followed the markets. I was about as new as you can get! A good friend who has completed the course and promised me it was ‘the real deal’ recommended I read Lee’s book, Goals to Gold and then attend the one-day trading course for beginners, Learn to Trade Live. I’m very sceptical, but his word meant everything to me and gave me the confidence to trust in Trading College and the process.   Can you tell us about your trading journey with Trading College? I have loved my trading journey with Trading College! Learn to Trade Live was a great day and I came away feeling invigorated and excited about trading as a potential new career path. I was excited to have found an avenue which was interesting, challenging and flexible around my family commitments. I knew I wanted to make this work for myself and my family   How do you find time to learn to trade around your current commitments? My family take up the majority of my time, with my daughters needs and housework etc easily filling my days if I allow it to. I quickly decided though that this was something that I wanted to apply myself to, so started out by working through the course material for 1-2 hours a night after the children had gone to bed. On weekends I’d carve out another hour or two. Initially, and crucially, I didn’t open an IG account for over a month and just immersed myself in the course material and learning. I didn’t want the distraction of trying to focus on learning the platform too. So, I ran through the course material and made notes for a month and really began to cement knowledge. Once I opened my brokerage account I then began to sit in on the Live Trading Room (when the children were at school/asleep). I then revisited the course material again and reworked it to contextualise my learning. It may seem like overkill, but that’s always been my approach to learning. Further to this, every time something has come up in the LTR which I don’t understand, I return to my learning portal and revisit that lesson to ensure I really ‘get it’.  
You’ve grown in confidence significantly over the past month, was there a ‘Eureka!’ moment? How did it all come together for you? I took the advice of Greg and Lee and focused on two strategies only. They were the Momentum Trigger and the Porsche as the primary strategies. I then also learned to spot OOS (Out Of Sync). These three work together as three parts of the same strategy and the main difference is only when to implement each within a trade set up… all three could appear over a given time period within the same trade if that makes sense. For me, this was my Eureka moment – the point as which I started to knit these three together. Added to this, I also became more vocal in the LTR and decided that ‘no question is a stupid question’ – I’ve always had the theory that you’re usually not the only person not getting something, so hopefully somebody else out there is also thinking ‘I’m glad she asked that’, or at the very least cementing something they knew to be true.   What has been your biggest success so far? We are currently in school summer holidays, so I’d like to really be able to focus before ‘going live’, so I’m currently in my demo account. That said, I treat my demo account like a real account and deliberately ran it down to £2,000 before I started trading with some confidence behind me with a realistic amount in the account. In the last 6 weeks, I’ve doubled my account to nearly £4,000 which has helped to build my confidence and the plan is to go live in September once the girls are back in school/day care for a few days a week.   If you had to give any words of wisdom to anyone who is interested in learning to trade, what would it be? Trading College really is ‘the real deal’. The course and knowledge and support on offer are second to none. Approach learning with patience and focus and maybe do what I did and complete the course before opening your broker account. Impatience will not make you money. TC delivers a concise but powerful course. The Pro-Trading System and support is amazing. I already have recommended TC to anyone who is interested in what I am doing and feel very lucky that it was recommended to me in the first place.   What are your long-term trading goals? What are your ambitions for the future? Financially, I’d like to be in a position to be bringing in £1,000 per week in the near future. From here I’d like to grow my position, but this is my first financial goal. Secondly, I’d like to continue to set a good example to my girls: they are interested in ‘what Mummy does’ and I want them to see a that women can work and still look after the family and be a good Mummy. It’s important for me that my girls have strong role models and TC has given me an opportunity to forge a career which delivers flexibility so that I’m here as they grow up, but am also fulfilled as a person in my own right. It’s a win:win. Lastly, I’d like to consider taking my technical analysis knowledge further and may consider a professional qualification in time. I can earn money trading from the Cotswolds or Australia… so if we do relocate to Australia I know I’ll have an income stream.   I have loved learning from the coaches and my fellow students along this journey. The support we give each other is amazing. No judgement, just the sense that everyone wants success for everyone else. It’s a really positive community which Trading College has built, and Lee and the team should be really proud!   Luisa’s determination to succeed and dedication to her learning has made her a stand out, exemplary student. We wish her all the best moving forwards and have no doubt that she will succeed! We look forward to hearing more about Luisa’s story as she progresses!   If you are a complete beginner like Luisa was, we hope her story has given you the confidence to start learning too. Luisa started at Learn to Trade Live, a one day classroom course for beginners. If you’d like to find out when this course is next running click here.