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You’ve already taken the first step and found yourself looking for a way to learn how to trade the financial markets. With today’s technology advancements, it has never been easier to create an income online. In the last decade, it has become more and more popular to generate an income through online businesses or through trading – earning money whilst living the life you want sounds like a dream! The good news is, it has become more realistic to be able to achieve this. One of the most appealing ways to generate an income is by trading the financial markets due to the freedom and flexibility it provides. That being said, the advancements in technology also means that it has become possible to learn trading online

If you are new to trading, you will need to learn the foundations of trading the markets first. Once, you have learned the basics, you are ready to progress on to learning strategies and advancing your trading. Investing in a good education provides you with more extensive knowledge and a support network. To start trading the financial markets, you will need a few basic elements to get started.

Learn trading online

  • Laptop/desktop/phone

  • Reliable internet connection

  • Education



As we are a trading education provider, we will concentrate on the education aspect. Learning online has several benefits and there are also a range of options and resources out there for you to become a successful trader. We have compiled the best methods and ways for you to learn how to trade the financial markets online.

Interactive Online Courses

The most efficient way of learning how to trade online is by enrolling in an online course. There are several trading online courses out there. To ensure you are choosing a reliable and trustworthy one, look for an education provider whose coaches are MSTA qualified and courses that can offer a CPD accreditation certificate of completion.

The beauty of online courses these days is their interactivity – you can partake in quizzes, polls and have email and chat support with a tutor. This is a great way to re-enact a classroom course, and, you have the convenience of being able to study in your own time and refer back to the course when needed. You can access online courses from the comfort of your own home or even when you’re on the go, on you mobile! It saves time in comparison to attending a classroom course. You can learn around your current commitments and your own pace.

If you are new to trading, have a look at our Apprentice Trader course. This online trading course is designed to cover all of the basics of trading from the mechanics of trading, understanding the markets, reading and navigating your charts to trading psychology and more. It’s a great course to get you started with trading the markets, you have lifetime access and it is available on any device 24/7. This course offers a series of interactive video and text lessons to suit your learning style.

Mentors/ Coaches

Even though you are learning online, you can still have access to professional trading coaches and mentors, whether it be via webinar, email support or a chat room. Being coached by a qualified trader ensures that you are gaining reliable trading knowledge and safeguards you from the numerous scams that are currently on the world wide web. Having access to a coach provides you with far more value than a textbook does. It provides you with someone to help you through your trading journey and give you an objective point of view; help you analyse your mistakes or wins and assist you in improving. All of our courses, both classroom and online, offer some form of coach support.

Live Trading Room

Having access to a Live Trading Room run by experienced traders is invaluable for any level of trader. In a Live Trading Room, you can trade alongside as they trade the markets live with their real trading accounts and real money. This provides complete transparency as they manage several open positions and manage risk. You will have audio commentary and be able to view the coaches’ trading screens, allowing you to receive live market analysis, education, trading support and instant feedback on trading ideas. A live trading room will help you to improve your skills  and strengthen your strategies as you can see the strategies that you have been taught being put into action and winning trades. Our Live Trading Room has an inbuilt chat feature allowing you to ask questions in real time. If you are interested in having access to a Live Trading Room, both our Pro-Trader Programme and Mentorship Programme offer access, along with a whole host of other features and benefits.Trading College course Pro-Trader Programme

Chat Room

We have combined our Live Trading Room and communicate in our Chat room. You can communicate with other traders and share ideas, advice, and experiences throughout the trading day. The coaches will also give you live updates. Often, chat rooms are filled with educational questions and answers and ours is open 24 hours from Monday to Friday. This allows you to constantly be learning, unlike traditional learning which is at set times.

1:1 Sessions

Just because you are learning online, doesn’t mean you have to miss out on 1:1 sessions with a mentor.  A 1:1 session can be hosted via webinar still giving you visual access to a trader’s charts and audio – just as good as being in the room with them! Our Mentorship 1:1 Mentoring in MarbellaProgramme includes a 1:1 session with your dedicated trading mentor once a month. You can spend this time creating and evaluating your trading plan and strategies and getting advice from someone who has an objective opinion. 

Market Updates

Another way to improve your trading is to watch videos produced by professional traders updating you on the markets – what they are doing, the best markets to trade in etc. We send out free market updates to everyone who is registered to our newsletter and we have a more detailed version for our members, all of which are available on any device. These updates aid your continuous development and provide you with up to date information that will benefit your trading

Trading College’s Youtube Channel 

You can also learn by watching videos on Youtube. Visit our channel here.


You can learn a lot from reading articles online. Click here to access a full list of our blog articles.

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