Join us in congratulating Niel Maidman for being chosen as October’s Trader Of The Month! The coaches chose Niel because he has consistently improved his trading habits since starting his Mentorship with Trading College. Niel’s most valuable piece of advice to other traders is, “You have to trust the process!”

Niel, who has just celebrated his 82nd birthday is a retired ex RAF engineer originally from Cape Town, now living in Devon. He dedicated most of his life to the RAF, travelling extensively as part of his service, flying for 3 years and eventually returning back to engineering as a squadron leader. Subsequent to leaving the RAF, Niel pursued a career in the manufacturing industry until he retired at age 55. Inspired and as a result of his extensive travelling with the RAF, Niel spent his retirement travelling and exploring the world, “My wife and I went on 33 cruises!

RAF airplanes - TOTM October

Unfortunately, my wife passed away 18 months ago and this was when I decided I needed to find something to do to take up my time! That’s when I came across Trading. I joined a Trading School in America, but it didn’t work out for me. I found it difficult to understand the American English and trying to tune into seminars at 2 am isn’t ideal!”

Why did you decide to carry on with trading?

After leaving the American Trading School, I took a few weeks to reflect on what to do next; I was still very interested in trading and knew I needed an education. I saw an article written by Lee Sandford on Facebook about the necessity for education to become a successful trader. That’s when I decided to research into Trading College and finally took the leap and became a student. I progressed onto the Mentorship Programme. My only complaint to Lee is that he didn’t find me sooner!

I wanted to find a new hobby to take up my time; I’ve come to really enjoy it. When I first started learning with Trading College, it was Lee and the coaches’ enthusiasm and passion that rubbed off on me! They showed me how you can actually enjoy work and it’s pretty clear that they are passionate about what they do. A hobby that creates wealth… well, that’s just brilliant! I’ve been on the Mentorship for about 10 months now and I know that I will continue my trading journey with Trading College, no doubt about it.

Tell Us About Your Journey With Trading College

To be honest, my Mentorship with Trading College has been brilliant, don’t get me wrong, it has been hard work, but definitely worth it. What motivates me is the enthusiasm that everyone has, especially Lee … it has been fantastic! I’ve found the Mentorship Programme to be thoroughly enjoyable and exciting… the beauty of the way they train/coach you is what makes the Mentorship so valuable. Not only are you taught how to win, but they teach you how to learn from your losses too – to understand your loss and analyse it to help improve your future trades. That’s very important. Even very successful traders will lose. Before being coached, I didn’t understand how important it was to learn how to lose; it actually determines your success.’’

How has having a dedicated coach helped you?

Oh… I couldn’t do it without them. Education is so important, and my coach was full of enthusiasm while coaching me. The girls in the Trading College Head Office only put me in the naughty corner once and that was because I was overthinking and overcomplicating thing and not listening to my coach! Being an ex-engineer meant I wanted to know every detail straight away and I was thinking and analysing everything too much. My coach told me over and over again, “Obey the process Niel!” until it actually stuck. Once I learned this, I realised that was all I needed to do!

What’s your secret to success?

My secret to success is definitely my attitude. I never thought of myself as an emotional person, I only realised how emotional I was when I started trading. You can become very emotional when using your own money. The coaches have taught me how to manage my emotions and re-train my mindset. I would also say that you need to get appropriate training and education to succeed and become good at trading. I loved the support I got from the Trading College team and the ladies in the office, they have never let me down and are always on hand to help me and answer any of my questions.Secret to success

Can you tell us about your experience on The Mentorship Programme?

During my Mentorship, one of the most important lessons I learned was to take small, little bites of profit. You’ll be surprised how quickly it all adds up, and don’t be too greedy because this will ruin your trading profits. I have learned how to analyse my losses and although the vast majority of my trades are profitable, the losing trades were only made when I was holding onto a losing position and waiting for a big one. I wasn’t pulling out of a trade on time and prior to the Mentorship, I didn’t know how to manage my profits properly. With my ongoing coaching, I have learned to ‘Obey the process!’

The most valuable aspect of my Mentorship is the Mentorship Group days in London; they are great for getting your questions answered and to meet other like-minded traders. The Mentorship days and the 1:1 sessions with my coach are invaluable. I can get all of my questions answered and clarity on the things I don’t understand. My coach seems to really understand my thought process, he has had to slow me down when I wanted to move forward too quickly. He taught me how to make sure I dedicate myself to one strategy, ensure it is consistently profitable before moving on to the next strategy.

Do you have any advice for other traders?

My advice to other traders is to get an education, get yourself a coach or a mentor. Sit down with your coach and go through your trading plan. There is so much information to take in, writing a trading plan means you have a plan of action. At first, I had analysis paralysis but I started to listen to my coach’s advice. I was very curious about learning everything and doing everything at once, I wanted to know all of the details but I was taught to take a step back and take things slowly and to learn, trust and obey in the process!

What are your long-term trading goals?

My long-term goal is to continue improving, I want to increase the number of pips profit I have every day. The more I learn and improve, the more successful I become. I am going to continue my education with Trading College and continue improving and trading. In fact, I am off to Marbella this week for the Trading Retreat! I’m excited about it, I think the sun will do me some good and it will be great to socialise with others. I’d also like to see if any of these students are from Devon so I can have trader friends nearby to catch up over a coffee!

Thank you Niel, for your insight and congratulations again for being chosen as October’s Trader Of The Month! We wish you all the best in your trading journey.