July’s Trader of the Month- Simon James

“I am going to absolutely master this”

“It’s all about mindset and I have the mindset of a winner” 


Hi Simon, thanks for speaking to us here at Sandford Towers and congratulations for being chosen as July’s Trader of the Month!

Tell me, what were you doing before you got into trading?

”I ran my own business in Sports Nutrition.  We had 55,000 customers and we were doing really well.  I broke ties with my business partner – and it was a very tough time.  It was a low point in my life.  Then I found an email about trading, and it sparked an interest.  I researched binaries and quickly realised that this wasn’t for me.  I looked into trading Forex and thought ‘wow’.  I’ve been very committed to trading for the last 3 years.   

How did you get started?

I did an online Forex trading course, before I found Trading College.  It gave me the basics – a decent foundation.  But it took me 12 months to find proper trader education.  Before that, I tried to develop my own trading strategies but I wasn’t getting it right.  That stage was hard as there is so much rubbish online. The majority of people on YouTube show what NOT to do, but since I joined Trading College and had the software, then it all became clear.  That’s what’s got me to where I am today.  

What trading courses have you attended?

Since joining Trading College, I’ve attended a beginners’ course – Learn to Trade Live – in Leeds. I then bought The 12-Month Pro-Trader Programme.  I also attended a support day in Heathrow. That was brilliant! We focused on one strategy, and I learnt to master one thing, which was excellent advice.  I now keep it simple. I met Lee there, and got 100% value from the day.  


Why did you choose to learn with Trading College? 

The website was well structured, and there were no wild claims. I like the fact that everything is available under one roof and I didn’t want to do different courses with different providers. I prefer a programme, otherwise there would be duplication and I prefer to avoid paying for things twice!

The guys were also great on the phone – very helpful.  

It felt really exciting to get started.  And it still feels the same today, as I have a strategy that I know works.


What’s the secret of trading success?

I committed myself to back-testing to prove the strategies. I love the Momentum Strategy and have committed many hours to building confidence through trade drills.   This testing showed a 75% success rate. I did 20 back testing trades in a batch, and have never had a losing batch to date! In fact, my minimum “profit”, doing this back testing exercise, has been £800. I now have great confidence in the strategies. 

I believe that I have a winner’s mindset. I will succeed at this. When I hear Lee speak, it resonates and we’re cut from the same cloth.



So what makes you personally suited to trading?

My discipline and consistency are important. So is patience. It’s all about keeping control of your emotions. Perhaps most important of all, is learning that once you have a trading plan, stick to it. 

I don’t have a background in finance.  As a 17 year old, I did door to door double glazing sales. I knew then that every ‘no’ took me one step closer to a ‘yes’.  It was all about probabilities then, and it’s the same with trading. I love numbers and probabilities, which is why I enjoy trading so much.


Who is your broker?

I have an account with IG and I use ProRealTime. 

I work on a laptop – a Macbook Pro – with a separate screen.  The second screen shows me 5 min charts / 15 min / 1 h and daily all on one screen.  That works well for me.


What’s your plan for the future?

I plan to trade full time within 5 years. I’m in the motor industry, currently working full time, as a sales manager for Audi. Trading is my passion and I love it. I love the technical side of it and I love analysing charts. The ultimate dream is to teach, travel and trade!

Thanks for such a great insight into your journey to becoming a full time trader so far. Your dedication and passion are admirable and we’re looking forward to finding out more in the next few months!