Our first “Trader of the Month” for 2017 is Colin Jones.

After spending a year or so practicing on dummy accounts and educating himself on trading strategies, Colin was ready for the real thing. He attended a 2-day introductory Trading College course and enjoyed it so much that he decided to sign up for the Mentorship programme. He asked Lee what he should do in the interim, before the mentorship programme started.


“I remember that conversation so clearly,” Colin tells us. “Lee told me to do nothing, but I went against his advice. I opened a real trading account, started trading and within a couple of months had lost about 75% of what I’d put in. At that point I decided to cut my losses. I closed the account and waited patiently to start my training with Lee.”

Colin soon discovered that this experience was to become familiar.

“Everything Lee told us to do felt like the opposite of what I instinctively wanted to do. I had to learn to make choices based on the strategy I was using rather than my emotions and instincts. This was a hard adjustment to make, and took a lot of discipline, but once I got it, I started to make real money.”  

A few months into his mentorship programme, Colin felt that he’d really turned a corner and was making good trading choices. He was doing so well that he decided to take six weeks off his day job as a London black cab driver and devote himself 100% to trading.

“That six weeks showed me how passionate I was, not just about trading, but about being part of a trading community, which is what Trading College has given me. I really appreciate getting tips and advice from more experienced members of the online community, and I like being able to help newer members.”

Even now, when he sees a good trade set up but hasn’t got time to place a trade himself because of the demands of his day job, Colin will post it on the Trading College forum in the hope that someone might take it. Although there is a certain amount of flexibility driving a black cab, Colin says he can end up working 60-70 hours a week.

“There’s always work if you want it, so it’s hard not to keep going, earning more and more, especially if you’ve got a young family to support, as I do. The flip side being, you never see the family.” With trading, Colin knows that he can do it whenever and wherever he wants, allowing him far more time to spend watching his children grow up.

Colin’s ambition is to become a full-time trader

To have a sizeable account that makes him enough money to provide a comfortable life for his family. But, thanks to his Trading College experience, he’s also become passionate about the teaching side of trading and is going to take his STA (Society of Technical Analysis) qualification so he can start coaching.


“I wouldn’t have come so far as a trader or got involved on the coaching side, which I’m so passionate about, if it wasn’t for Trading College,” Colin explains. “I’m so grateful to all the members and staff there for helping me start to turn my dreams into reality.”