March’s Trader Of The Month – Pro-Trader Programme


This month, we had several nominations for Trader Of The Month. We managed to narrow it down to two finalists and have decided to choose both as our Traders Of The Month! Both finalists are Trading College students and have seen great trading success since joining their courses. In this article, we interviewed Pro-Trader Programme student Dan Brown to learn how he increased his account by 125%. The other finalist, Natalia Savelyeva is a Mentorship student and you can read her story here.


Congratulations Dan on being chosen as a Trader Of The Month! Can you tell us about yourself?

learn trading online to earn a seccondary incomeThank you! I’m originally from Kent but now live in London. I have two kids who are 3 and 8 years old. We’ve recently moved to Peckham Rye. My previous career was in technology sales but I knew I needed to give it up. It was never my chosen career – it chose me! After leaving this career, I went on to do property development, managing ‘buy to lets’. It’s great and I certainly enjoy the development side and it can bring in a substantial amount of income but I needed something that provided me with a consistent cash flow, so I got into trading! I can honestly put my hand on my heart and say that Trading College and trading, has allowed me to at least take a sabbatical for a year and see how I get on. It’s my dream to make it without the day job – I’m loving it! To put it into perspective, I love Monday mornings now!!


Great to hear Dan. How did you originally become interested in trading?

I have an uncle who traded in the 80’s, quite successfully. I’ve always had this impression and perception that you could work hard trading for a few years and live the dream. I always knew that trading was something that you could learn and do for the rest of your life. You could always make yourself an income, as long as you had the knowledge. From an early age, my interest in trading was sparked. More recently, I watched a TV programme about a 19-year-old from Peckham who was making £500k a year trading the financial markets and I thought to myself, why can’t I do that? If he can do it, I can do it! It’s my turn to do what I want to do, and for me, that’s trading!


What is your main reason for trading?

Income. I try to make my day’s money easily. I’m fortunate that my mortgage is paid for by my property development. But… absolutely income. My aim is to make at least £250 – £300 per day Monday to Thursday so my weekly target is £1000 minimum. I’m consistently making at least that. An interesting thing I’ve found –  although swing trading is great, I like the feeling that day trading gives me of being more involved. I’m single-minded. I listen to what Lee says – he has taught me to let the strategy work for me, thus taking the emotion and stress away. If the strategy goes against you, the probability is that the next day it will work in your favour and you will make a profit. It helps to build your confidence.

I’ve been trading now for around 2.5 years, mostly in my spare time, and have spent a lot of time looking into strategies. I was following everything and went on some Trading College courses, then moved on to the Pro-Trader Programme. Since joining the Pro-Trader Programme, my confidence has grown. What the coaches have given me is the confidence and knowledge to know I can earn money and I couldn’t be more thankful.


How did you hear about Trading College?

My dear friend recommended Lee’s book ‘From Goals To Gold’ because she knew I was interested in trading. I was hooked and decided to attend Learn To Trade Live. After attending Learn To Trade Live, I signed up for the Pro-Trading System course. This was about 2 years ago. The course was focused primarily on swing trading and learning how to to use and understand the Pro-Trading System around my current commitments. I continued swing trading around my busy work schedule and then I attended a 3-month course focused on day trading. Even while working full-time, I was consistently making money from trading and was earning approximately £500 – £1000 a month!  I decided I wanted a peer group, a network of traders and people to talk to. That’s when I decided to sign up for the Pro-Trader Programme.

How to learn how to trade.


Awesome! What’s your favourite aspect of the Pro-Trader Programme?

The fact that the Live Trading Chat Room is open 24 hours is brilliant. You can bounce your ideas off others and get to know people. You get to know other traders who are aligned with you. They have similar mindsets to you. As Lee says, “There are different personalities and with that carries different risks”, but it’s nice to have a network of people. It’s a good career. I also enjoy the educational lessons. We go over and repeat the strategies so we become familiar with them. The Learning Hub is great too. If I miss a session, I can catch up!


Since joining the Pro-Trader Programme, how has your trading improved?

For the last year, prior to joining the Pro-Trader Programme, I was earning around £500 to £1000 a month swing trading. Ever since joining the course, I’ve been earning at least around £3,500 – £4,000 a month. I started with a £10,000 trading account and it has increased about 125% in the last 3 months alone!


What’s your favourite strategy/system?

The new Trend Predictor! It’s really good, it’s that visualisation of the arrow informing your trading decisions. It provides great confidence and works on all timescales. I love the process of using it. It’s a clean and clear strategy. Anyone day trading and wanting a strategy they can follow, the Trend Predictor is for you. I concentrate mostly on the major Forex pairs and some indexes including Dax, Dow, and FTSE. Sometimes I also trade Gold – the Pro-Trading System is excellent for trading gold! The results are amazing.


What words of wisdom would you like to share with anyone who is interested in learning to trade?

Follow the strategies. Take the time to learn, test and backtest your strategies. It really helps to take the emotions out of trading and reduces stress. Definitely get an education, don’t go off on your own and do your own thing. Learning is power so take the time to understand trading. Being part of a course and network means that people transfer their knowledge to you, and you really see that from the coaches. They genuinely want you to do well.


What’s next for your trading?

I want to continue making consistent profits but I would like to learn some different strategies. Currently, I stick to 3 strategies that I know very well and that are profitable. I would like to learn new strategies to suit different market conditions so I have the confidence and ability to trade in any market.


Would you recommend Trading College?

I already have! My brother has already done a course with Trading College. I’ve also recommended Trading College and Lee’s book ‘From Goals To Gold’ to a couple of friends.

I want to thank Trading College, everyone is great…. The customer service, the strategies, the coaches! Everyone is always so helpful and happy, it seems like a great place to work!

Thank you, Dan and congratulations on the huge increase on your trading account!

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