Blue Whale Trades

GBPCHF 800 pips

Blue Whale trades are trades that you’re expecting to go on a massive trend. Trades that bring in a minimum of 500 pips profit and sometimes 1,000 pips profit. Here is our latest Blue Whale trade we placed in our Weekly Scan Club. We are still in the trade but have taken some profit along the way.

Let me explain the process. First to get a big profitable trade we are going to look and scan the Monthly charts. We could be doing this in the Forex or Stock markets. We are looking for a signal to go long or short. In this example we got a 3-wave signal from our Storyteller Indicator. It was telling us the GBPCHF was about to go on a big reversal and push higher. It had been in a major downtrend, but it was now time for a reversal. Once we find a potential Blue Whale on the Monthly chart, we then drop down to the daily chart for a trigger entry. The Daily chart below was our entry. It was a Pro-Trading System green buy signal to go long. The stop was produced below by the Pro-Trading System and 3 profit targets were projected above. It was a simple case of buying the GBPCHF once the chart turned green on the PTS. Once it hit the profit targets, we trailed our stops and banked a little profit along the way. The trade in total run 800 pips.

This is just one of many Blue Whales trades we have had in 2020 and already in 2021. Like to know how to trade with us and find Blue Whales? Email Chris our course advisor at

Daily Chart

Monthly Chart







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