How to Spot Big Trades

As traders, we are all looking for big profitable trades. The only problem is finding them and knowing what to do to lock in as much profit as possible…

We want to teach you how to find big explosive moves in the markets and have the confidence to trade them!

A totally free, three part course

We’d like to invite you to claim a free course ‘How To Spot Big Trades’ where professional Trader Lee Sandford will talk you through how you could be making the most from explosive moves in the markets. We have made huge profits from big market moves and we want to share how we did this with you

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What’s involved?

Who’s the course suitable for? Beginner / Intermediate Traders (must be over 18 years old)

Course Aims? To teach you how to spot and trade explosive moves with confidence

Start date? START NOW!

Duration? 3 lessons, over 3 days 

Cost? £0.00 Free of Charge! Absolutely nothing!

How it is taught? Online within the Trading College Learning Hub, no need to take time off work or travel, simply log in at your convenience!

What will I Learn?


Lesson 1 – How To Spot Big Profitable Trades

Lesson 2 – Where To Enter and Place Your Stop Order

Lesson 3 – How You Can Scan For Trades

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What Do Other Students Say about Trading College courses?

Neil T.

So glad I went along! It was a very eye opening day for me and taught me plenty. It was presented in a professional way and we were all encouraged to ask questions which we did. Very interactive as I had plenty to ask. Can’t wait to get started. If you’ve ever considered trading get yourself along to the next available date.

Zahid A.

I’ve heard so many great things about Trading College but I needed to find out for myself. This is an amazing apprenticeship that Lee is offering. Incredible price and worth so much more. Possibly life changing.

Jazmine D.

A very interesting and hugely beneficial session which gave me confidence in the quality of the course and my ability to trade!

Lewis S.

This is your life & career, and your passion for trading is undoubted. You’ve given me great passion and hunger to pursue my dreams … I’m 23 and have never found something that’s gripped me so much. This weekend really gave me a great platform to push on and put in the hours to become the successful trader I want to be.

Caleb T.

Very good introduction to trading. Friendly team with a good community feel. I’m glad I came, it was a nice bit of free content

James L.

Enjoyable and gives a good basis for forming a trading plan. Very informative and easy to follow. 

Anna K.

The course is one of the best things I have ever done. I have traded most days since and in the first 6 months I had a £2000 account and made about 50% return/month. I am sure now that it is something I will be doing for the rest of my life.