This week we spoke to our head coach, Federico Bustos. We asked him about his background, what brought him to Trading College and what his future aspirations are.


Fed is a hugely popular member of the Trading College team, not just for his expert teaching but also for his wonderful, warm personality. His people skills must have been honed in the 11 years he spent travelling the world working in hotel management. “I loved working in hospitality because it took me to so many interesting place,” says Fed. “I was born and raised in Argentina, but through my work I’ve lived in Florida, Milan and Barcelona. I moved to London six yeas ago to improve my English.”


Although his career gave him plenty of travelling opportunities, Fed craved even more freedom. “I always wanted to be my own boss, and to find a way to earn an income from anywhere in the world.”


Researching ways of making a second income that he could build into a main income, Fed considered property investing and multi-level marketing before settling on trading as the best way to achieve his goals. But when he started talking to trading education companies he found that, in most cases, he was talking to sales people who seemed more interested in taking his money than in showing him evidence of their trading success. When he found Trading College, he was immediately impressed. “Lee was the only guy I found who was giving real trading examples, showing the real trades he took. His introductory webinars were open to everyone. He was completely transparent.”

Since becoming a student of Trading College four years ago, Fed has never looked back. Using the PTS (Pro-Trading System), he has made consistent profits. Fed attributes his success to one important factor. “I simply follow the rules that Lee teaches. Nothing more complicated than that. I have never met a trader who loses money by following the rules. The only people I see losing money are the ones who break the rules.”


Within only a few months of joining Trading College, Lee offered Fed the opportunity to teach students at weekends. Last year, Fed quit his job in the hotel industry in order to trade and teach trading full time. He loves the freedom his new life gives him. “I’ve been on six holidays in the past four months. I’ve spent time in Argentina, Lyon, Valencia, Bali and Lanzarote (at the recent Forex Mastery Retreat). For me, the motivation has never been material things or money alone, it’s always been about the freedom to travel, and the ability to make money while I’m enjoying the outdoor pursuits I love, such as snowboarding and kitesurfing. Only recently, during a trip to Argentina, I returned from a day out hiking in Patagonia to discover I’d made over £700 on a trade I had set up. That pretty much paid for my holiday!”


So why does Fed work at Trading College when he could afford to live off his trading profits and travel full time? “I love people and I’m passionate about teaching trading. I want to share my knowledge with others, to help them achieve their goals. I like exploring the world but I also love meeting new people. I get to meet so many interesting people through Trading College, and it’s like a family. Members become part of our community. The recent retreat in Lanzarote was so much fun. I would never want to give up great experiences like that. I’m very happy with my life.”


And what are Fed’s goals for the future? “I want to continue learning about trading and passing on my knowledge to my students. One day, of course, I hope to have a family. But I couldn’t be one of those fathers who never see their children. I want to be a present father, always involved with my kids’ daily lives. Trading will give me the ability to do that.” As chat-up lines, go, Fed, that’s not a bad one!


He is only 33 and already Fed has more freedom than most people will have in their working lives. That’s impressive and inspirational. We feel lucky to have him as a valued member of the Trading College team.