Embark on a brand-new career with our latest trading guide!

If you are considering making the step into the highly rewarding online trading world, but you’re not sure where to start, our latest trading guide offers the perfect solution.

Online trading can be a highly rewarding, stimulating and profitable career choice, and our comprehensive guide introduces beginners, who are keen to learn to trade, to the must-know advice they need to get started. What is online trading?

Online trading is about buying and selling on financial markets with the aim of making profits; all of the markets have the potential to be highly lucrative for traders.With their own unique assets and traits, the various financial markets all boast individual qualities and focus on different trading assets. We explore the following financial markets within our guide:

  • stock market
  • forex market
  • stock indices
  • commodity market

Day vs swing trading

Alongside introducing key financial markets, approaches and the trading software needed to help you get started, we take a dive into day and swing trading. With contrasting styles, characteristics and benefits to traders, we explore these key trading styles and offer an overview of their approaches.

Learn to trade with confidence

From day vs swing trading, learning how to develop your trading strategies, and approaches to online trading, our trading guide encompasses all you need to know if you’re keen to make the first step as a trader and need some advice.

Our online trading guide also includes a glossary of trading terms to familiarise you with some of the key language of professional traders that you may encounter in this rewarding industry.

With clear and concise first steps explained, you can familiarise yourself with the world of online trading and learn to trade with confidence.

Take your first step into trading

Learn to trade and embark on an exciting new career with help from our comprehensive Guide to Trading.

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